Apocalypse: An Army of Darkness

17 June 2013

This Friday, everyone is invited to play Prime World in our first open beta weekend. No beta codes are required, and all of your previous progress carries over. Bring your friends and experience flesh-eating new game modes, like Apocalypse.

Apocalypse is a new 5v5 game mode on Borderlands with an infectious twist. After an enemy minion or hero dies, there’s a chance the deceased will become the undead. These undead freaks will join your team and help you push toward the enemy base. Building your army will be key to countering the opposing zombie forces and overwhelming your foes.

To build up your army, you’ll need to convert enemies into zombies. The only way to guarantee a zombie conversion is to kill an enemy with a melee attack. There’s a 75% chance of conversion if an enemy is killed by a ranged attack and a 50% conversion rate if the enemy is killed by a talent.

You better be quick when building your army, because your zombie friends are rotting. Zombies have a 20-second life span, but every time a zombie strikes a living foe, it will gain extra life.

These zombies aren’t weak, either. Zombies have almost the same health and attack damage as their living counterparts. Zombies have a higher chance to critically hit than that of an ordinary minion. They also take two times less damage from talents.

Killing minions will create zombies, but killing enemy heroes will result in the creation of a new creature:  the Beast of the Apocalypse. This creature is stronger and more tenacious than an ordinary zombie. It has a ton of health, and it can survive for 40 seconds without attacking a living target. Like the zombie, the Beast’s lifetime is extended if someone attacks the Beast.

This map is mostly about pushing rather than killing, so you’ll have to adjust your strategy accordingly. One effective tactic is to push with all five heroes in one lane. Since killing minions is a main focus of the map, using an AoE hero could be effective. Melee heroes have a higher conversion chance than ranged heroes, so you might want to focus more on melee when creating your team.

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