Prime World – important updates

18 February 2021

Dear Friends!

For many years Prime World has been a delight for us with its bright emotions — the thrill of battles, the joy of victory, the lessons of defeat ... Here we fought and reconciled, forged alliances and trained comrades-in-arms, opposed and competed with each other. And we found true friends on the other side of the screen and even met their love and built families. Prime World has become not just a game, but the whole real world.

However, all worlds come to an end. So, Prime World has entered its final phase. Its “sun” is cooling down, the “galaxy” is gradually slowing down its rotation to stop completely on March 31. Yes, dear friends, on March 31, 2021, the Prime World project will be officially closed.

It has been a wonderful nine years, and we thank each of you for being with us, for being there and bringing life to Prime World with your aspirations, feelings, your spark! In turn, we hope that Prime World has given you lots of positive emotions and you will remember it with warmth.

However, we still have a whole month and a half to say goodbye to the game and complete everything that we wanted to do in it! And to make these last weeks in Prime World more enjoyable, and achieving all goals easier we have prepared something for you.

First of all, starting from today and until the end of March, all Lords and Ladies will receive Golden Age as a gift, so that these last weeks in the world of Praya will be illuminated by its golden light.

Also, starting from today and until the end of March, the cells at the Fair do not burn out, assortment renewal costs 1 silver, and there are only high-level content (talents upgraded to 10 Stars, Blessed Chests, etc.; a detailed list will be at the end of the news) on the Fair shelves with a total discount of up to 95 -97%! Please note that in-game payments no longer be accepted starting from March 1, 2021. All other exchange and purchase operations will be available until March 31, 2021.

Once again, we thank everyone for helping us create this wonderful world and fill it with your emotions, joys, and victories! And we wish you a pleasant farewell to the game!

For those of you who do not want to part with this universe at all, we invite you to our mobile game in the prime world, Prime World: Defenders 2. It is a mix of tower defense and card collectible genres, with the same art style and in your favorite setting. Another genre, different mechanics, another platform, but the world is still the same! The game is about the battle of the Heroes squads, already familiar to you from Prime World, with the Creeps in the Prime Zone.

And we would like to conclude this notice with more detailed information about the updated prices and assortment at the Fair, which will be valid from today and until the end of March:

  • We have removed resources, Silver, Purple and Red talents, 6 and 7-Star abrasives, as well as all catalysts except the 20% ones from the assortment.
  • We have added all legendary talents, including the collectible ones and clan talents. All of them have already been upgraded to 10 Stars.
  • The price of one talent is 50 Prime Crystals
  • There are Blessed Chests among the offers, all talents in which have been upgraded to 10 Stars.
  • The price of the chest is 25 Prime Crystals.
  • Only the strongest abrasives and catalysts were left. The price for 8, 9, 10-Star abrasives is 50 Prime Crystals and a 20% catalyst costs 25 Prime Crystals.

All jackpots are also available for purchase, and their price has been reduced by 50%:

  • 700 Prime Crystals for 100 Gold
  • 100 Legendary Crystals for 100 Prime Crystals
  • 100 Crystal shards for 50 Prime Crystals
  • Champion Rune for 200 Prime Crystals
  • 500,000 silver for 50 Gold
  • 5 abrasives for 100 Gold
  • 9 catalysts for 90 Gold

And, of course, as mentioned above, assortment costs only 1 Silver, and the cells you have already purchased something from do not burn out.

Thank you for everything,
Prime World Team