25 December 2020

There are so many things hidden in the Prime Zone! Some things have changed beyond recognition, other things turned out to be long-lost secrets of ancient civilizations...

Bomber is a work of the legendary Imperium pyrotechnician. His robot-like assistant has changed significantly under the influence of Prime. And now she is ready to show the whole world what she has learned about blasting compounds!

As with the previous Heroes, you have three options to hire Bomber:

  • By completing a seven-day chain of quests. After you finish it, you may hire the Hero for 750,000 Silver. The first quest will become available today, at 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) and the last one will open on January 1. Upon completing the last task you will get a new quest where you will be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • You may use the standard recruitment method (buying for Silver without having to complete the quest). It will be available to all players whose Castle has Level 25 or above, starting January 8.
  • You may also hire Bomber now, for 299 Gold.

With the release of the new Hero, the price of Shaman has been reduced to 500,000 Silver and 199 Gold.

Please note!

The victories you achieve with help of the new Hero will not be recognized in the quests taken from the Talent Collection before the Update.

Bomber’s Talents


Passive talent that lets her deal damage not only upon the target but to all enemies around it.

Explosive Ammunition Belt

Also a passive talent. It lets the Heroine store up bombs for later use.

Each bomb in the Heroine’s inventory increases the damage dealt by her attacks.

Plunging Bomb

This is an active upgrade that lets Bomber use stored-up bombs for a point-blank shot that deals exploding damage to all enemies in the selected area.

Tracking Missile

The second active talent lets Bomber shoot a special missile at the chosen enemy’s Hero. Even fog of war will not stop it. You can choose a target for the missile by clicking on the enemy’s portrait!

Upon reaching the target the missile explodes and deals damage to the chosen Hero.

Stunning Blast

This upgrade lets the missile not only deal damage but also stun the enemy. Duration of the stunning depends on the distance of the missile’s flight.


This skill allows the Heroine to escape from a sudden attack or catch up with a fleeing enemy.

Bomber heats the air around her, damaging all nearby enemies, and increases her Speed for some time.

Napalm Can

This talent upgrade also lets the Heroine leave the fire trail behind her that slows down the enemies and deals damage.

War Chest

Bomber's first ultimate skill allows her to use bombs for some time with virtually no restrictions!

When the ulti is active, Bomber always has at least one bomb in her inventory. Using the Plunging Bomb talent requires less Energy and its cooldown is much shorter.

Tireless Work

The ultimate upgrade that lets the Heroine restore Health with every use of the Plunging Bomb talent.

Cargo Mortar Bombs

The second ultimate skill of the Heroine allows her to make enemies in the selected area explosive by placing bombs with a timer on them.

After a while — or in case of death — mined enemies explode and deal damage to everyone around them.

Heavy Blast

The talent upgrade slows down the mined enemies and the explosion additionally stuns them.

Bomber is ready… to throw a Hell of a party!

Always yours,
Prime World Team