Volcanic Anomaly!

16 October 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Recently awakened by a strong earthquake, Volcano Sacral once again began to accumulate large reserves of Prime energy. Geologists were horrified by the findings. They predicted a powerful eruption capable of covering at least half of the continent with lava and ash!

However, the days passed, large cities were surrounded by magical barriers, and there were ingenious devices to contain the rapid flow of lava, but there was still no eruption...

The Lords decided to send a group of Heroes on a reconnaissance mission to the heart of the volcano to obtain the most accurate information. Three days later, the Lords of the Heroes who had gone on the mission felt that they were dead. All but one. And two days later, this surviving Hero, Vulcano, returned. His innate abilities have helped him endure the unbearable heat and regain vast amounts of lost health.

The Hero said that while exploring the volcano, the group came under an enormous splash of lava, which killed the entire squad. However, left alone, he continued the task and discovered the Prime Anomaly — it absorbed an extraordinary amount of energy, preventing the eruption. The Anomaly itself emitted an unusual fiery color, which was most likely due to its location.

After asking the surviving Hero about the smallest details, the scientists came to the unanimous conclusion — this is the new coming of Fallen Lord. However, there were concerns about the Anomaly color, so they decided to investigate it in detail.

Fallen Lord!

Complete the quest until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) November 10 and get the unique Hero as a reward. You cannot buy him neither for Silver nor for Gold… And also a new skin — Obsidian!




  Get 1,500,000 Prime in the Borderlands

Fallen Lord


Also a Hero skin — Obsidian


10 White Runes

Get 7,500 achievement points in the Borderlands


Support 250 times in the Borderlands


Kill 250 enemies in the Borderlands


  • You will get the Obsidian skin and runes as an additional step after you complete the main quest. There will be no task in this step, you will only have to pass the silver coin to the postman.
  • This is a single quest, not a quest chain. To get the rewards, you must complete all tasks.
  • However, in one battle, you can do several things at once: collect 20,000 Prime, get 100 achievement points, kill 7 Heroes. All of the above will get into the quest progress.
  • There is no limit on a specific goal value in the battle. It means that in a battle you can provide an unlimited number of supports and they will all be counted towards the progress of the quest, etc.
  • Besides, if you are in the process of completing a quest and decide to switch to another game client, the quest progress will be reset to zero.

Скорее в бой!

Always yours,
Prime World Teams