The Hot Fair!

26 September 2020

Lords and Ladies!

A massive earthquake struck northwest of the capital of the Dokht Imperium, causing a huge rift to form near Sacral Volcano. Scientists were sent with a Hero squad on a research mission. Upon their return, they reported that thanks to the earthquake, they discovered one of the most ancient mines!

For a long time, an incredibly large amount of Prime has accumulated in the lost mine in abnormally high temperatures, and it practically saturated the entire environment, making the materials from this mine incredibly potent in creating artifacts. And the most important thing is that it is not difficult to get them, which, of course, will affect the price of the final product. However, the earthquake awakened the volcano. In about three days, according to the geologists' calculations, it will erupt and seal the mine with lava.

The Hot Fair!

Hurry up and take advantage of our unbelievable discounts until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) September 28!

For the first time ever! ALL CHESTS with a 70% DISCOUNT!

  Chest Old Price

New Price

  Black Friday Chest 250-300 Prime Crystals 75-90 Prime Crystals
  Blessed Chest 200-250 Prime Crystals 60-75 Prime Crystals
  Season Chest 180-230 Prime Crystals 55-70 Prime Crystals
  6* Shod Chest  70-100 Prime Crystals 20-30 Prime Crystals
  7* Shod Chest 90-110 Prime Crystals 30-35 Prime Crystals
  Legendary Chests with 3 latest sets 100-150 Prime Crystals 30-45 Prime Crystals
  Legendary Chest 80-130 Prime Crystals 25-40 Prime Crystals
  Exclusive Chest 40-50 Prime Crystals 12-15 Prime Crystals

Also for the first time ever, a 70% DISCOUNT for ALL abrasives and catalysts!

  Abrasive Old Price

New Price

  Medium-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 6 stars 70-130 Prime Crystals 20-40 Prime Crystals
  High-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 7 stars 170-230 Prime Crystals 50-70 Prime Crystals
  Top-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 8 stars 290-350 Prime Crystals 85-105 Prime Crystals
  Enchanted abrasive to upgrade a talent to 9 stars 410-500 Prime Crystals 120-150 Prime Crystals
  Unique abrasive to upgrade a talent to 10 stars 550-650 Prime Crystals 165-195 Prime Crystals
  Weak catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 5% 30-60 Prime Crystals 9-18 Prime Crystals
  Basic catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 10% 50-80 Prime Crystals 15-24 Prime Crystals
  Powerful catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 15% 70-100 Prime Crystals 21-30 Prime Crystals
  Universal catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 20% 100-150 Prime Crystals 30-45 Prime Crystals

For you to fully enjoy our special offers, we have removed the talents and resources from the assortment, and the slots you have already purchased something from do not burn out. And, of course, assortment renewal costs 2,000 Silver!

Hurry up and take advantage of the hot sale!

Always yours,
Prime World team