Update 11.18.1

24 September 2020

Dear Friends!

The maintenance is over and once again the Heroes are ready to fight!

New Talents Subset — Riddles of the Pyramids!


There are five talents in the subset, one of which is the main one and others improve its effect. Any Hero will be pleased with this subset, whether it is complete, or just individual talents :)

Riddles of the Pyramids

  • required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • reduces Hero’s resurrection time by 30%
  • cooldown: 150 sec.
  • increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 13

Riddle of the Sage

  • required row: II
  • Prime-cost of learning:
  • reduces the main talent cooldown by 20 sec.
  • increases Energy Regeneration by 3.9

Riddle of the Escapee

  • required row: III
  • Prime-cost of learning:
  • after Hero’s resurrection increases their Speed by 70% until they deal or receive some damage
  • increases basic Speed by 7

Riddle of the Craftsman

  • required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning:
  • additionally reduces resurrection time by 15%
  • increases Cunning by 19

Riddle of the Trickster

  • required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning:
  • additionally reduces resurrection time by 15%
  • increases Agility by 19

You can get all these talents in our new full-screen UI event, Riddles of the Pyramids. For more information about the event, read here.

Matchmaking Fixes

In response to your comments about recurring problems with the opponent selection, we have made some changes to the matchmaking algorithm.

Now, if the wait is taking too long, matchmaking expands the search and starts looking among players one rank lower. This change will make the process of matchmaking for the session much more comfortable.

Besides, to exclude various and quite numerous abuses of the 'waiting room' at high levels, we decided to disable it.





Totem Spirits

  • Totem damage is increased to 17-154 per second (instead of 15-134 per second)

Afterlife Cold

  • Ability duration is increased to 2.5 seconds (instead of 1.5 seconds)


  • Максимальная дистанция перемещения увеличена ~на 11%.

Eerie Call

  • The casting time of the ability is reduced by 50% — now it takes 0.4 sec (instead of 0.8 sec)





Unbearable Heat

  • Now, the debuff applied by the ability stacks up no more than four times./li>





Thick Mead

  • Now slows down opponents by 10% per each effect (down from 12%)





Power Absorption

  • Now killing a Hero gives +100 to maximum Health and 20% Health Regeneration (instead of +25 and 17%, respectively)





Time-worn Matter

  • The shriveling effect further reduces opponents' Will by 1.1-14.4 (instead of 1.2-16)

Slumberous Whisper

  • Now takes 3 seconds cast (instead of 4)
  • However, the effect is lifted, if the damage received by the target exceeds 20% of their maximum Health (instead of 25%)

Horrifying Shriek

  • Damage is reduced to 90-793 (instead of 100-881).
  • Silence now lasts for 1 sec. (instead of 1.2).

Sate with life

  • Now triggers after 0.5 sec. (instead of 1)

Deadly Fade

  • Cooldown is increased to 90 sec. (instead of 75 sec.)


Night Queen




  • Now, after transforming, her Speed is increased to 80 (instead of 120).

Blood Ties

  • The ability duration is reduced to 3 sec. (instead of 4)


See you on the battlefield!

Always yours,
Prime World Team