Gifts for Recharging!

11 September 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The Khr'Amin have always had heightened senses and not just that — they have a much closer connection with the Prime. T'aika is no exception and, for the last few days, she was on the alert because she felt a strong presence of Prime. And yesterday afternoon T'aika suddenly disappeared...

She materialized just as suddenly as she vanished and said that the nearest Prime source seemed to have gone mad, and, given the right circumstances, it may give you not only Prime Crystals but also chests blessed by it.

Gifts for payments!

Replenish your Treasury until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) September 14 and receive amazing gifts!


Amount of Gold


  100-249 gold 75 Prime Crystals

250-499 gold

Blessed Chest and 90 Prime Crystals


500-749 gold

3 Blessed Chests and 140 Prime Crystals


750-999 gold

5 Blessed Chests and 200 Prime Crystals

1000-1499 gold

8 Blessed Chests and 300 Prime Crystals
  1500 gold and more 15 Blessed Chests and 400 Prime Crystals

Please note:

  • Bonus Gold from runes or other events will not get acknowledged.
  • You can receive any number of gifts during this event.
  • Payments do not sum up, so if you want to receive the desired gift, please recharge your account with the requested amount of money at once.

 Get all the benefits for replenishing your Treasury!

Always yours,
Prime World Team