20 November, Friday

Reforge talents at bargain price

20 November, Friday

Hire Apostate!

18 November, Wednesday

Legendary talents for Level 1 Heroes, new skins, and lots of rebalances!

13 November 2020

Replenish your Treasury to get lots of Prime and Legendary Crystals!

09 November 2020

The Horseshoe of Speed set on the Fair shelves

06 November 2020

Discounts on Golden Age, Heroes, and Skins!

02 November 2020

Talents upgraded to 6 or 7 Stars are now on the Fair shelves at any time!

02 November 2020

Log in every day and get valuable gifts!

31 October 2020

50% discounts on changing the name and faction and talent unbinding!

16 October 2020

Three Months of Golden Age for the Price of One!

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