19 October, Friday

+30% Golden Age duration and the sale of Heroes and skins

18 October, Thursday

Sixth Issue, a Secret One

18 October, Thursday

Defenseless enemies and an all-seeing circle!

17 October, Wednesday

Jackpot of doubloons at the Fair and the news on the ending of the ‘pirate’ action.

12 October 2018

Pirate gifts for treasury replenishment and a new quest chain!

11 October 2018

Insidious lightning and immediate protection

10 October 2018

Useful changes and rebalances

09 October 2018

October 10 (7 a.m. UTC+3 until 13 p.m.)

05 October 2018

Action at the Forge/Talent Garden

04 October 2018

Evil rats and deadly flute!

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