Prime Word Castle

The Prime Word Castle is an important part of the game, allowing a lord to demonstrate the depths of his strategic ability. Besides the pleasure of managing the economy, the castle gives users a great alternative way to develop their characters.

As always, the basis of any economy is the people. In Prime World, the population of a castle is determined by the capacity of the residential buildings on its territory. The opposing factions have different names for these buildings, but they are otherwise basically the same.

The Keepers call their simplest houses cabins; the Dokhts call them lodges. They are cheap and of a modest size, which is good since each castle has limited space. However, only a few people can live in each cabin, and they only yield five silver coins of profit every three days. In contrast, the most populated buildings are the mansions (Keepers) and chateaus (Dokhts). They bring in much more money, but they also require much more space. Between these two extremes are cabins/cottages and villas/manors, each with their own unique size, population, and yield.

The second pillar of a good economy is raw materials. The Dokhts have ore and wood, and the Keepers have sap and silk. Silk weaving is done is weaving shops, and sap is collected on Rubber-tree Plantations. More raw materials allow the construction of other structures, as well as the production of the most important resource of all, the aim of the castle's whole existence: Prime crystals!

Later in the game, you can use Prime crystals to develop much-needed talents for your heroes, including talents which will lessen your dependence on PvP battles.

As in any good economic strategy game, managing the Prime World castle requires that you feed your population, gather raw materials, and store what you produce. Your heroes will need to recharge their strength, and talents you collect need a place to be stored. So, besides industrial buildings, a good lord needs to build all kinds of storage buildings, expand his agriculture, raise animals, build a bathhouse, find space for a good library, and so on.

Then, the grand walls of the castle can be filled with unique designs, decorated with various colors, and beautified with all kinds of sculptures, gardens, and parks. With the help of decorations, each player's castle becomes a unique work of art!

But that's not all. Almost every building in the castle can be progressively upgraded, improving its quality of work and expanding its services. The castle is a paradise for those that enjoy economic-type games. This dynamic opens up an immense number of possibilities as players choose their own path by directing their castle's economy. If you'd like, you can focus on your economy, earn money, and accelerate the recovery of your battle-worn heroes. Or, you can focus on producing talents, allowing your characters to do more in fewer battles. Or, you can combine the two into a hybrid military/economic model.

The leading specialists of both the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia promise that in the future they will provide the lords with designs for entirely new types of buildings.

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