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In Prime World, heroes are divided into various roles. There are currently five roles in the game and you can find out more about them below.

Slayer. This role requires the player to proceed with caution, using well thought-out tactics. Due to their extreme vulnerability, slayers cannot just charge head-first into battle. With that said, they can land a decisive blow at just the right moment that is many times more powerful than what the rest of their allies could inflict. When playing a Slayer, your best bet is to wait for the right moment to take down an opponent that your allies have already weakened with their weapons. At the same time Slayers require the protection of their teammates, since they are not likely to survive a direct assault. Moreover, in order to avoid getting killed, Slayers can use a certain talent that allows them to disappear from the thick of the fray and save their skins.

Protector. This role is perfect for players who prefer to be on the front lines and charge headlong into enemy hordes. Protectors can attack several targets at once and are a serious threat. Protectors can slow and immobilize enemies, giving their allies a chance to regroup and launch a more successful attack. Protectors have a large amount of Health, which makes them difficult to kill. If the players on the opposing team have managed to take a Protector down, you can be sure that it took almost all of their talents to do it, which also means that any allies that choose to attack at this particular moment are guaranteed to win.

Vanguard. The name of this role speaks for itself—after the Protector, the Vanguard is next in line to wage a furious assault against his or her chosen targets. Players who choose this role generally only have access to melee weapons, although there are also talents that allow Vanguards to “hurl” themselves into the fray. Moreover, Vanguards can usually take control of one specific enemy target and briefly draw it out of the battle. Heroes with this role have a decent amount of Health, allowing them to survive direct enemy attacks, and are able to cause an impressive amount of damage.

Support. Players who choose this role will spend most of the battle hiding out in the back, since their attacks are capable of inflicting only a very small amount of damage. These heroes are lucky to survive against even a single enemy, but they can be highly useful to the other members of their team. Generally speaking, the Support role consists in healing teammates and occasionally taking over the minds of other players to give allies a chance to flee.

Fighter. Fighters are usually ranged warriors, although there have been a few melee warriors amongst them. They have a limited supply of Health, but can do an impressive amount of damage. A hero with this role can take down a mortally wounded enemy quickly and be very useful against various siege engines. Fighters do a lot of damage, although it takes them longer than other heroes to do so.



As mentioned above, heroes are the lord and lady’s weapons. They can be hired under the corresponding tab. Keep in mind that all heroes have different prices depending on how hard they are to use.

You start with three heroes. Since Prime World has an active social aspect, your starting heroes and the cost to purchase new ones will differ based on your gender.

Now let’s talk about collaboration. If a female player’s health drops below a certain point while she’s next to a male player, the Hero’s Charm talent, which absorbs damage and negative effects, activates. However, in order for the talent to activate, the male player needs to have it in his talent set, and his partner needs to have a female account and be playing a female hero.





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