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As was previously mentioned, Prime World combines strategic skill and military acumen. To battle other players, simply click on your Castle gates, select an available hero and wait to be matched up with an opponent. If you end up being matched to an opponent that is stronger and more experienced than you, do not despair: We are continuously working on the matchmaking functionality.

Overall, we strongly recommend that you begin by practicing on bots in the Practice mode, because the mechanics of Prime World are very different from those of other similar games.

Let’s take a closer look at the battle interface. Once you team up with your friends, the first thing that you will see is a loading screen, displaying your allies and enemies.

While you’re waiting for the game to load, you can communicate with your allies. Take this time to discuss tactics and strategy.

Once the game has successfully loaded, you will find yourself on the battlefield at your team’s resurrection point.

Prime World uses a system based on talents. The main difference of this system compared to the typical artifact-based systems is that each of the heroes can be absolutely unique due to the particular set of talents that was used to train him or her. To learn a new talent, a hero needs Prime, which can be obtained by killing monsters, soldiers and heroes. Another way to get Prime is to play the mini-game. We will talk more about it later on.

To open the talent window, press Т.

Every hero has his or her own supply of Health, Energy and other attributes. To take a closer look at them, press С or use the Castle interface.

During battle, Health and Energy indicators are located just above the quick-access panel, containing your hero’s combat talents and usable items. Above the Health bar, you can see all the positive and negative effects that are currently affecting your character. To help you tell which is which, they are highlighted in different colors: positive effects are marked with a green border and negative ones with a red one. You can activate items in your inventory by pressing B or the corresponding button to the right of the quick-access panel. To the left of the panel is an icon that looks like a flask with liquid in it. This is the talent window, and the flask represents the amount of Prime you currently have. Keep in mind that in Prime World, Prime can be used not only to purchase talents, but also to buy items.

You can check out the overall status of the game by taking a look at the match statistics. These include the number of kills/death/support points/points for every player and the overall number of kills. Here you will also find a timer and information about the amount of terrain seized by each of the sides.

Naturally, the game also has a mini-map. You can find it in the lower-right corner, which is a pretty standard and convenient place for it to be. The map is designed to make it easy to follow the movements of allies and enemies, so make sure to take a look at it from time to time. Beside players’ movements, you can also keep track of the terrains being seized. You can send a signal to alert your allies and get help, or point out an area being threatened by the enemy.

You can communicate both with your allies and your opponents during battle. This can be done via the chat window, located on the left side. To write a message, press Enter.

The chat window shows player messages, as well as automatic notifications about victories and defeats suffered by your allies and enemies.



In this section you will find out more about how to battle in Prime World.

Terramorphing is a unique feature of Prime World that allows you control terrain during battle. Native Terrain enhances some of your hero’s talents. Don’t forget to seize it. To control a section of terrain, you need to raise your faction’s flag over it. Besides flags, you can also use special talents that create Native Terrain around a hero. Some heroes can create Native Terrain without talents.

Native Terrain does more than just enhance talents—it also allows your allies to teleport.

Remember! You can only teleport to your Native Terrain.

Mini-Game. This is another unique feature of Prime World. The mini-game is another way to level your character. Please note, however, that while you are playing the mini-game, you are no longer on the battlefield. It all becomes worth it once you return back and are able to supply your allies with valuable scrolls won in the mini-game.

Let’s take a look at the so-called “Zuma.” This is what we get for winning a level.

When you win a mini-game level, your character gets Prime. The amount of Prime you get depends on the difficulty, and the difficulty depends on the level. Levels can be unlocked either over time or by beating previous levels. In addition to Prime, you also get a chance to give your allies or yourself one of five magical scrolls.

Bird Scroll

This is a magical scroll that allows you to increase your allies’ Strength and Intellect and reduce the Strength and Intellect of your enemies within a specific area. Bird Scrolls also reduce your enemies’ healing effectiveness.


Healing Scroll

Once used, this scroll periodically heals a hero’s wounds. The amount of Health restored depends on the hero’s maximum Health


Starfall Scroll

When used, all enemies around the user take magical damage. Soldiers and monsters take more damage than heroes. Don’t forget that the scroll takes time to cast.


Light Scroll

Once this scroll has been used, the hero starts emitting beams of light that blind all enemies in the surrounding area and cause their attacks to miss.


Gemini Scroll

A copy of the hero with significantly reduced stats appears next to him or her. This scroll also reduces all talent cooldowns.


Glyphs. Glyphs are symbols that significantly increase hero’s abilities for a long period of time. They appear about once every three minutes in two locations on the map – in the upper-half and the bottom-half of the river that runs through the middle of the map. It’s very important to watch for the appearance of these glyphs and try to prevent the enemy from taking them for themselves. Let’s move on to the descriptions of these glyphs.

Power Glyph: The hero’s Strength and Intellect are increased by 50%.

Haste Glyph: The hero’s Movement Speed and Attack Speed are significantly increased.

Invisibility Glyph: The hero becomes invisible for a long time.

Refresh Glyph: The cooldown of all the hero’s talents is reduced by half.

Shops: small stalls owned by healers. They can be found at your team’s resurrection point or in the forest. These stalls sell highly useful potions and scrolls with functions that range from healing to dealing damage.

The Fire Drake is the main monster on the map. When the Fire Drake is killed, every member of the team gets a large Prime bonus. Do not forget that in order to get as much Prime as possible, you need to take part in the battle against the dragon.





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