For Beginners


When you log into the game, you find yourself in a Castle. The Castle is your fortress, the place where you rest between battles. This is where you can build a variety of structures, from houses to Prime distilleries!

This is the resources panel, which displays the amount of resources you currently have.


Gold is a unique in-game currency that can currently be acquired only by trading real money for Gold Coins. Gold is extremely valuable but is of little use to new players. It is predominantly used for such functions as removing talents, changing faction/nickname, etc.


Silver is an in-game currency that can be either collected from the Castle residents or earned from processing certain resources in the castle. Silver can also be acquired in battles against players. Keep in mind that battles are much more profitable, but only if you win.


Food is a resource that can also be obtained either from the Castle or in battle. Food is consumed during construction or when upgrading structures. It is also used to replenish the energy of heroes worn out from fighting.


Ore/Sap is a resource that is used to build and upgrade structures. It can be acquired either in the castle or in battle.


Wood/Silk is a basic resource that is used to build structures and can be made into silver at the Manufactory/Weaving Shop respectively.


Prime Crystals are the most valuable resource in the game. The lord or lady of the Castle can use them to create talents and special structures. This resource is very rarely awarded for victories in battle and takes a very long time to be made in the buildings.


Population is the number of people who live at your castle. The more residents in your castle, the more structures and upgrades you can build. To make sure that you always have enough people, you need to build a lot of houses.


Another very important part of the interface is the panel located in the bottom left-hand corner.

This panel contains functions such as construction, heroes, friends and ignores, chat and fullscreen/windowed mode. To activate one of these functions, just click on the appropriate icon.

In addition to the functions listed above, this is also where the lord or lady’s level, avatar, nickname and XP remaining to the next level are displayed.

When you fist enter your castle, it will be very small, and the only structures it will have are the two inns. But this can be easily rectified! To expand your territory, just go to the Construction menu, select Services and expand your territory. Then you will be free to build whatever structures you deem necessary.



In this section we will take a closer look at the castle. The main function of this wonderful structure is construction, which gives us a serious advantage.

In order to build anything, a lord or lady needs a workforce (population of the Castle) and resources. If you have enough of both, you can start building structures.

If you do not have much time to spend battling other players, you should focus on structures meant to obtain resources. When sufficiently leveled up, these buildings will be able to provide you with a significant quantity of resources.

Naturally, these are not the only structures you could build in your Castle. Your Castle can be outfitted with a library, Prime Crystal sources, towers, resource processing facilities and even decorative items.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is only a limited amount of structures available. In the future, there will be many more of them for you to build.

When your structure is not working on producing resources for you, it goes into sleep mode, which is denoted by a half moon symbol. As soon as the production process has been completed, a symbol representing the finished product is displayed over the building. Don’t forget that structures need silver or other resources to function.

Another major part of the Castle mechanics are heroes. They will serve the lord or lady of the castle in exchange for a one-time fee. The cost to hire a hero varies depending on how complex they are to control and on the gender of the holder of the account. Beyond the Castle walls, the game also features PvP matches. Fighting against other players makes the heroes expend Vigor (an attribute that determines how many battles a hero can participate in). Each battle costs 40% of a hero’s Vigor, which can be restored rather quickly at the Inn/Spa. It is therefore in your best interest to upgrade your Inn/Spa as quickly and as much as you can.



Prime World is tightly intertwined with social networks. This allows players to comment on current events in the world of Praia and actively participate in the life of the game.

You can also connect your social network account with Prime World and use it to login into the game. This is a very convenient feature since you will be able to see all of your friends playing Prime World and invite them to your group.

There are slight differences in the game depending on your gender. There is an embedded level of mutual dependency between the female and male players. For example players of opposite genders can save each other during critical moments in battle, and we expect that there will be more social components in the future. All of this still lies ahead of us. After all, Prime World never stands still!



In Prime World, players can form or join clans. In a clan, players can donate resources to increase the level of the clan, win games to improve the clan’s overall and daily ratings, and fight for the top spot on the clan leaderboard. Clan leaders can create a 2-5 character abbreviation that will appear before the name of all clan members, helping to spread the word about the clan and promoting clan loyalty.





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