Community Member of the Week: Taco

05 August 2013

We were stunned when we first witnessed Taco's MS Paint art. It was, in a word, legendary. Such grace. Such skill. How could one man use a program with such ease, such finesse?
But the man we knew as The Paint Master has become the leader of The Big Bang Theory, the first clan on the EN server. This week, we took a moment to learn more behind one of our most beautiful minds.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I currently live in Mexico. I’m about to move back to the United States. I found myself playing online games thanks to my brother who introduced me to Runescape 10 years ago. I secretly thank him for that since he has been one of the biggest influences I’ve had since then. I’ve been moving from different games—mostly playing anything I thought was fun at the time. I've currently found myself playing a lot of MOBA games, and I have found myself sticking to Prime World over others.
What’s the story behind your name?
Funny thing is I don’t know how I got it. People in high school randomly started calling me Taco, and ever since, I've been using it for whatever games I can. And if not, I'll just go with “ISellTacos.” Just glad I snatched it for this game.
You now run The Big Bang Theory, the first clan on the EN server. What’s it like to run a Prime World clan? Do you try to keep your clan organized?
It’s currently quite boring as there is not much you can do but queue with clan mates. I find myself yelling at them to donate to the clan, which never happens. Oh well. (Hint hint.) I hope as the clan gets more active members and we get our own personnel community going on, I’ll be able to host events for clan members and see what I can do.
Our community would agree that your MS Paint drawings are hilariously amazing. How long do you work on each drawing?
Each drawing is done multiple times each, taking 10 minutes out of sheer laziness. I pick whichever one looks the worst, cough, I mean best and stick with it, so I’d say an hour or so.
Do you take requests?
Yes, hit me up with a PM in the forums, and I’ll see what i can make! Also don’t expect to receive it the next day. Raviren has been waiting for a week, and I haven’t even started his! But trust me that I will get it done.
Are you working on any new drawings?
I’m currently working on three drawings. [One of them is] a personal drawing for a new guide. I look forward to that, a Night Queen for Raviren and a secret drawing. Hopefully many more.
Favorite hero?
Currently Eraser. Love jungling as him since most people won’t expect it or see it coming. I also find it hilarious to see people run once they are marked.
Least favorite hero?
It's hard to say since I end up hating anybody that ends up winning against my team. But if I would have to pick, I’d say Cryo. I find it silly that all she has to do is lay down her ice floor to last hit every single minion, and let’s not even talk about her ulti.
Favorite mode?
Switcheroo. I enjoy watching people do bad or good with my heroes. It’s the enjoyment of knowing that you have a well-talented hero, and, well, it’s always fun to see someone say how easy and broken a hero is, but when it’s in their hands, they see how complex the hero is—except for Cryo. Cryo is easy mode.
Least favorite mode?
I’d have to say Borderlands to many people’s surprise. I find it quite boring being the standard 5v5 three-lane map, but at the same time, it’s the one I find more enjoyment in. I don’t see how people like it so much when it’s just [like] any other MOBA when there are other unique and great modes in PW.
How did you find out about the game?
I found out through a friend who was making fun of the game saying it was bad when it was barely in Russian beta. He was saying he didn’t understand the whole talent system, and boy was he wrong. So I looked into it, followed it, stalked it, collected pieces of its hair and got hooked.
What was your first impression of the game?
It was a mix of, “Oh god, my dad would love the Facebookish castle building,” and, “Damn, this unique talent building is awesome.” It gives you a much greater reward and sense of accomplishment for playing a game knowing your hero won’t be like any other.
What’s your favorite Prime World memory so far?
Don’t currently have one. I find myself having great moments with friends on a daily basis, and I know that the new one will be better than the last.
Do you have any other hobbies?
I enjoy reading a good book every now and then, but currently if I stop playing Prime World for a while, I start going into withdrawal. I have also picked up going to parks and staring at people while I eat muffins.
Do you have any advice for newer players?
Yes, have fun overall. Invite some friends to play the game. Don’t go playing with the mindset that you’re going to win for there will be lost matches, and at times you will get mad. Just have fun. Try to develop a hero. Get him to a nice power rating—something that you can be proud of.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
A lot of things. Cryo is too easy. Fire Fox is not a tank. Quarrier is a rock. “Hammer clap man” is for noobs. Don’t fight Brawler on native ground. Eraser is not OP. Doctrine makes you go boop, and if you see a suspicious looking tree, go hug it. Also expect plenty of more very good MS Paint art.