Calling All Prime World Streamers

02 August 2013

The idea is simple:  We want to promote your stream, and we want to reward you for streaming.
We’ve started a new Twitch team called Prime World Live. PWL showcases positive, exciting streamers from the community. This team will be prominently featured on our Prime World launcher. In the future, we’ll be placing it in other high-traffic areas.
Being a member of the Prime World Live team grants you automatic access into the Prime Battalion, our street team. Earn points every time you stream, and redeem those points for free gold, heroes, swag and more! You will also receive access to our Battalion private forums where you will learn about Prime World news before anyone else.
Best of all:  The most entertaining or highest-viewed streamers from Prime World Live will receive a coveted schedule spot on our official Prime World Twitch channel. This channel will periodically receive front-page promotion. During your scheduled streaming time, you can promote your personal Twitch channel while playing the game.
There are a few catches. First, if you are added to the Prime World Live team, you can only stream Prime World from your channel. Second, you must keep the profanity to a minimum. Finally, you must make every effort to be a positive, helpful member of the community. Those who do not follow these requirements will be removed from the Prime World Live team and from the official channel schedule.
Interested? Send Iamisom a PM on the forums with the following title:  “Prime World Live Application.” Include a link to your stream, a sentence stating that you agree to the rules listed above and a short paragraph explaining why you want to join the team.