Borderlands 24/7 and the First Bonus Weekend

01 August 2013

We’re almost one week out from our Open Beta Launch, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our matchmaking numbers are continuing to rise. Queue times are slowly but surely declining as more people are coming in. The early reactions to the game are mostly positive, and we’re addressing some of the key issues that players and critics have noted.
One of those issues is the map rotation -- specifically Borderlands in the rotation. Players want to be able to play Borderlands for longer than one hour at a time. “Make it available 24/7,” we hear you saying. And it shall be done.
Starting Friday, Borderlands will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
In true celebration mode, this weekend will mark our first Bonus Weekend!
1.5x Silver and Resources from Combat (Except Crystals)
1.5x Talents from Combat
1.5x Hero Experience from Combat
If you have Golden Age, that means you will have three times the XP and Resources!
We’ll share more details on changes from the community soon. If there’s a feature you’d like to see in the game, head to our Feedback and Suggestions forum! While you’re there, read the other suggestions and reply to the ones you’d like to see in the game.
Keep up the great work, Nobles!