Dragon Slain, New Monster Approaching

31 July 2013

Yesterday, a Dragon appeared on our Facebook page. It reared its vicious heads and darkened the bright-blue sky with fire and smoke. It was up to the community to slay it. (We were busy, uh, doing important administrative tasks.)
After 356 likes and 156 shares (that’s a whopping 3340 damage!), the Dragon was slain.
His pot of 3,000 gold was split between 30 Nobles. So who won?
Jason Middleton
Torio Boscacci
Laure Richard
Daric Foust
Chris Lindsey
Curt Moore
Dumas Rodriguez
Andrew Coker
Alex Speranza
Lee Jeanz
Lari Jyrkinen
Jamal Poppo Leigh
Whitney Mae Johnson-Price
Hubert Bullen
Alvaro Guzy
Eron Talisson
Mathieu Gagné
Alecks Vera
Pawel Krynski
Willux Siwei Xu
Felicia Hellstrom Fel
Justin Crook
Chase Hardison
James Hobbs
Willians Alexandre
Ion Ciubuc
Alex Fallen
Nelson Dias 
Kodoku Fuyuki
Kan Ke
If you see your name on this list and you participated in the killing, send us a message on Facebook.
There are rumors that another foul creature may come to our Facebook page next week. Will you be there to help us?