Download Primachine For Free

31 July 2013

In celebration of our open beta launch, our first Prime World book, “Primachine,” is now free! You can download your free copy of the book from the iTunes book store page.
Written by best-selling author Vadim Panov, “Primachine” tells the story of Invariat and his brilliant and mysterious new invention – the Primachine. A world once torn apart by magic will find its uneasy peace shattered again.
Two nations -- the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia -- are locked in a continuous battle for control of Prime, a critical resource. Prime is a source of energy, a dangerous alien substance that altered the world and brought to life Heroes, who have become the new brutal force of Prime World with their supernatural combat abilities and immortality.
To read a preview of the book, head over to the Amazon page and click the book cover on the left-hand side of the page.