Open Beta Date Revealed

17 July 2013

You enter a dark chamber – so dark that for a moment you wonder if you’re floating. Without a railing to guide you along, you drop down to the stone floor and crawl into the infinite darkness.
VZZT. A spotlight snaps to life. The light pierces the velvet-black nothing and shines on an object in the distance. You climb to your feet and slowly walk toward the light.
In the warmth of the light, you bend down and lift the object from the ground. It’s a locket – a gold locket. On the front of the locket is a blue diamond in the shape of a teardrop. There’s a small latch on the side. You fumble with the latch for a second before it opens with a click.
Inside, the letters P and W are carved on the two circular casings. Resting in the right casing is a small piece of parchment. On the folds of the parchment are lines of ink. This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You unfold the note, and the two words written with grand flourish read:
“July 26.”
July 26. You say the words over and over again in your head, the knowledge of which is warmer than any light. July 26 is the first day of the 24/7 Prime World open beta.
And it’s only the beginning.
As time unfolds, you’ll experience new changes to the game based on your feedback. You’ll see new features, new heroes and new events, and they’ll be the result of your forum posts and feedback participation.
Before that, you can help build the community by joining the Prime World Street Team. You will earn in-game rewards, Prime World swag and Forum Talents by telling everyone about the game. 
It’s also the first chance to show the world that a positive experience can be found in a game like this. You can show them just how great our community is.
After these thoughts run through your head, you scan the note again. There’s no mention of a time. There’s nothing about map rotations or gold purchasing.
“Soon,” says a whisper in the wind.
“I hate that word,” you mumble.
The whispering voice laughs and trails off into the darkness. The spotlight snaps off, and you’re left alone in the darkness.