Houston, We Are Preparing for the Prime World Launch

10 July 2013

Thank you, brave Nobles, for testing the game before launch. Over the course of five beta weekends, we’ve obtained valuable feedback on hero balance, monetization and more. Your input has improved many areas of the game—some of those changes were placed into the beta weekend tests; some of them are on the horizon.
Since you went above and beyond in testing and relaying your opinions, we’ve gathered all of the feedback that we need. There will be no more beta weekend tests—we are now prepping for the 24/7 open beta launch of Prime World. A few last-minute diagnostics are being run before we fly our baby into the always-available final frontier. Once those tests are complete, we'll have a date to share.
Please spread the word about Prime World. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell the people in the games that you play. Tell everyone on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr—anywhere and everywhere. The power of word-of-mouth is stronger than any form of advertisement (official ads will be coming), so if you enjoyed the game and want to see it flourish, please spread the word.
In the meantime, we’re hosting contests, discussions and community events to keep things interesting on our forums. We’re kicking things off with our Prime World Meme Contest. The top three meme makers will win 200 gold! If you have a suggestion for a contest or an event—like a community game night, a community livestream or anything else—stop by the suggestion thread and let us know!
Finally, we have a shiny Forum Talent for all of you! Head over to the Talents page and hit the “Request Talent” button on the Beta Tester talent. This unique Forum Talent will not be available after the open beta launch.
We’ll have more news soon. Stay tuned.