Community Highlight: Post-Beta Weekend #5

08 July 2013

Another beta weekend test is bagged and tagged. How did you feel about it? Please share your feedback. Every post makes our game better. You don’t need to write an epic essay -- a few sentences will do. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are some exceptionally great feedback posts in the Feedback section, including these two from RockOfFire and Rittchard.
The community heralded the end of the weekend with a community tournament! The event was hosted by Raviren, Mondays Death and Magikarp, some of whom were running on very little sleep just so they could entertain the community. We thank them for taking the time out of their lives to host this event. We hope this is the first of many events, both from them and from the rest of our community. The lessons learned are already being applied to future ideas.
The first-place winner of the tournament is:  Team Going in Dry and Rough, consisting of community members Raviren, Puntatulkku, Riepah, Godrix and WhoHeBe. Members of Going in Dry and Rough will receive 200 gold apiece. The second-place winner is:  Team Ballz Deep! (Who came up with these names?!) Team members sonofyue, Deroid, joseaph, SHINYxARMOR and LQSoul will be walking away with 100 gold. Everyone who participated in the first community tournament will receive a shiny, priceless Forum Talent to show off on the forums. Congratulations, winners, and thanks to everyone who participated or watched the stream!
What’s a Forum Talent? Forum Talents are medals that users can earn for doing great things in the Prime World community. Whether it’s leading a successful clan, organizing events, creating game guides, or just being a really funny person, we want to award you for this. Do not think that Forum Talents are simply something neat to look at either; they will become more powerful than you may think.
Tekka Takeda wants to meet up with other Prime World fans at PAX Prime. Are you going? Stop by this thread and let him know. Who knows, maybe some people from Nival might go. (No promises.)
This week in guides, Taco created a wonderful guide to the Soul Reaper, turty11 wrote a guide for the Nymph/Maiden and Clockwork Bird wrote a beautiful how-to guide for the Jaeger/Wolf Dancer
Finally, quite a few people entered our community since our last post. We’ve highlighted a few of our new players below:
  • BarteQ -- He’s an 18-year-old swimmer from Poland who loves salami, double cheese, mushrooms and corn pizza. He’s also an experienced League, DotA and Smite player.
  • SHINYxARMOR -- He dislikes tanks, and according to him, he loves to shred them. He usually plays Inventor and Archer. He’s also played DotA 2 and League.
  • Turty11 -- He’s a Keeper who uses Rumbler, Immortal, Wolf Dancer, Priestess and Shogun. He’s a newer MOBA player, so if you want to help him out, click on his name!
  • Punatulkku --  He’s been playing MOBAs since DotA 3.62. He uses an Aura Jaeger at the moment, and he has a guide on it if you’d like to learn more.
  • Junbao -- A new Prime World noble who also plays Dungeon Defenders. Go welcome him to the community!
  • Oddman84 -- Apparently, 83 oddmen died to birth the legacy that is Oddman84. He's a cyborg wizard from space who likes to play MOBAs. He's been playing Prime World since the fourth beta weekend, and he loves making Futurama references.
See more new players on our New Players Forum. Post an introduction thread or become an active forum poster to get featured in a future Community Highlight!
Award Ceremony
Finally, we’re going to end this Community Highlight with an Award Ceremony. These are the exceptional members who have done something extraordinary for the community.
  • Raviren -- Awarded with Outstanding Organizer for hosting an exceptional community tournament
  • Mondays Death -- Awarded with Outstanding Organizer for hosting and streaming an exceptional community tournament
  • Magikarp -- Awarded with Outstanding Organizer for hosting an exceptional community tournament