Community Highlight: Tournament for Beta Weekend #5

06 July 2013

You might remember Raviren, last week’s Community Member of the Week. This weekend, he’s hosting a tournament with Mondays Death and Magikarp, and they want you to join!
Here are the details:
  • This will be a 4v4 tournament, with the fifth slot reserved for a spectator for streaming purposes.
  • Every member of the winning team will receive 200 gold! The second-place team members will receive 100 gold.
  • You can register as a team or you can sign up solo. If you’re going solo, the tournament hosts will match you up with other players.
  • The max cap for hero power is Green.
  • Brackets will be posted before the tournament.
  • You can watch all of the games on Mondays Death’s Twitch channel.
To sign up, post your in-game name and team members in this thread. Remember, your game account is also your forum account, so you won't have to sign up for the forums if you already have a game account.
Good luck!