Community Highlight: Post-Beta Weekend #4

24 June 2013

Another beta weekend washed over us in a wave of awesomeness, and in its wake were some interesting community discussions and content.
Last weekend, we introduced several new game modes, including our new PvE Challenge mode. The consensus on the forums and in the game is that it was tough -- even on Easy mode. Fatewalker posted several Challenge tips on how to overcome this fearful mode. Did you complete it like Tsuda and his squad of forum members? Or did you epicly fail? Post your experiences in Fatewalker’s thread.
Riepah shared three great moments in Prime World shortly before the start of the beta. The first is an amazing Rage of the Skies double kill on Dragonwald. The second is an epic ring around the rosie with an Immortal. And finally, and she swears this is another person from before, an Immortal jumped into a fight and realized he’s very, very outmatched. Have a great moment to share of your own? Stop by her thread and post your videos, screenshots and stories.
Kunai showed off what might be the first orange talent drops on the English client, and everyone was jealous. (They hid it well, but we could tell.) Did you get a great talent drop? Share the details on Kunai’s thread. 
Clockwork Bird posted an in-depth Shogun guide on the forums. If you play that hero, or if you’re thinking about trying someone new, head on over to read the details.
The forums received a makeover recently. One of the new changes was the introduction of the New Player Forum. A few of our newer members introduced themselves there, including:
  • MaximusPrime -- Max is an 18-year-old MOBA player from Montreal. He’s big into DotA, League and Heroes of Newerth. He wants to play Prime World because, “It just looks amazing and it is different than the other MOBAs.” Go welcome Max on the forums!
  • #User12681619 -- He’s looking for other French Prime World players to meet up with. If you’re interested, click his name and post in his thread!
If you’re new to the game or the forums, stop on by the New Player Forum and introduce yourself!