Beta Weekend #4: Reminder and Patch Notes

21 June 2013

Update 9.8
The new patch brings new possibilities: coordinated battles, buildings for developing your heroes, skins and much more.
  • The new version allows you to pick your own allies and opponents from your friends list and play a custom battle with them. All you have to do to play an arranged battle is completely fill two teams, pick a mode, and start matchmaking. The number of players required depends directly on the game mode selected for the battle.
  • To invite someone to join the opposing team, the battle organizer has to select “Invite to rivals” in the pop-up menu that appears over the desired player’s portrait. You can ask someone to be an ally by simply inviting them to join a group in the usual way. Only the battle organizer can edit the participants list. Members of both factions can be invited, but keep in mind that you cannot have both Dokhts and Adornians on the same team. Moreover, if members of only one faction participate in the battle, the battle organizer’s team will be the one to use the faction’s base.
  • Since arranged battles are just friendly competitions, no rewards are given for them and they do not affect hero or clan ratings, although heroes’ Vigor is still expended.
  • The battle preparation menu also does not appear during custom battles since all the heroes are selected beforehand and all participants know who is going to play.
  • The player’s castle now has a special building that gives heroes access to various quests and adventures. By completing quests in the Tavern/Teahouse, heroes can earn experience, talents, resources, and Prime Crystals. The experience, resources, and Prime Crystals received are also doubled if the player has an active Golden Age.
  • Every day a unique quest is available with a special reward, as well as a regular patrol that can be competed as many times as you like with only experience as a reward. Higher levels unlock access to new, more challenging quests with even larger rewards. Also, the higher a quest’s level, the more heroes can be sent to complete it. The Teahouse/Tavern’s maximum level is 40.
  • If there are no heroes in the building, the quest description will only display the amount of experience that a level 1 hero would get for completing it. If several heroes participate in a quest, the experience will be divided among them. However, the higher a participating hero’s level, the smaller his or her total reward will be. Heroes who have reached level 21 receive no experience at all.
  • To complete a quest successfully, the total value of one statistic among all the heroes participating in the quest must reach the number listed in the conditions. If you deploy heroes whose total value for that statistic is lower, their reward will be experience only, just as if they went on a regular patrol, and no other additional prizes will be given.
  • Completing quests requires heroes to expend Vigor and the player to spend silver. However, if a hero’s Vigor is less than what is required by the quest conditions at the beginning of the quest, the hero will still be able to complete the quest successfully and receive a full reward with no penalties.
  • Also, in order to help player become familiar with the Teahouse/Tavern, a few new quests will appear.
  • It used to be that players who’d just started the game would very quickly reach the rank of Sergent, which made playing on lower ratings awkward—it was too common for players with the same rank to have large differences in terms of their heroes’ strength and their own experience with the game.
  • This is why the starting value of rating for newcomers has been reduced from 1290 to 1100, and the rating bonus awarded to low-ranking heroes for winning has been slightly reduced. As a result, matchmaking has improved, since the chances of recent newcomers climbing in rank too quickly has been reduced, which, in turn, means that new players are less likely to end up fighting more experienced players whose heroes are equipped with lots of rare and unique talents.
  • A new rank has also been added—recruit. Any hero whose rating is less than 1199 is considered a recruit. The maximum number of talents that can be received as a reward for one battle is 5.
  • The maximum number of rewards for mercenaries has also been increased. Now it equals 6.
We are continuing to increase the significance of the Energy stat—it has been modified again in the current version.
  • The rate at which Energy increases as a hero’s Prime Level goes up has been reduced.
  • A hero’s natural Energy regeneration now depends not just on his or her starting Energy or any increases from gaining Prime Levels, but also on the Energy received from talents. Regeneration has also been reduced from 0.43% to 0.36% of the hero’s maximum Energy. As a result, Energy regeneration has been slightly reduced overall, but all regular talents that influence Energy have become significantly more effective. These talents are especially useful for heroes with higher levels of Energy expenditure who need to have as large an Energy reserve as possible, as well as high Energy Regeneration.
Since this hero was having a hard time holding a lane by herself or effectively using the Magic Melody talent, the Bard/Muse has been reworked. As a result of observing these hero in OBT, they has been simplified. More exactly, her ability to stand on a lane has been improved, while the difficulty of effectively using Magic Melody has been reduced.
Battle Song
  • The range of Battle Song has been increased—it used to be that in order to reliably hit an enemy with it, it was necessary to approach them too closely, because the long talent animation could give the enemy a chance to leave the talent’s area of effect as it was being used.
Song of Defense
  • To increase the hero’s survivability, her shield from Song of Defense can now absorb about 25% more damage than before. The talent’s increased effect extends only to the Muse/Bard, while the amount of damage the shield can absorb for allies remains the same.
Magic Melody
  • The talent’s area of effect has been increased—it used to be too easy for enemy heroes to escape it, which negatively affected the usefulness of the talent.
  • Now enemies affected by Magic Melody can no longer run right at the hero and attack him or her in response.
  • The talent description is now more accurate.


The Wanderer has been reworked due to the hero and his Bodyguard talent being overpowered early in the game. As part of the general reworking of the Wanderer, the hero’s mastery points and all his talents that have not become part of his set by default will be removed. They can be found at the castle Library.
Decisive Attack
  • Currently, once this talent has been learned, every opponent affected by Decisive Attack gives the Wanderer one Heroism effect, whereas the Challenge upgrade no longer has a similar effect.
  • The amount of Energy required to activate the talent has been reduced from 60 to 50.
  • The Wanderer can no longer use the talent on himself.
  • The talent’s cooldown time has increased from 30 seconds to 45.
  • The amount of energy required to activate the talent has been increased from 60 to 100.
  • The shield’s duration is now ten seconds rather than 6.


The Fire Flail talent has been changed. It used to be that its enormous radius and the chance it gave the hero to knock down trees not only let him remain out of the reach of the enemy during battle, but also destroy the Touched in the woods significantly more quickly than other heroes without almost ever leaving the towers or lanes. As part of the general reworking of the Mage/Sorcerer, his mastery points and all his talents that have not become part of his set by default will be removed. They can be found at the castle Library.
Fire Flail
  • The dependence on using the talent from Native Terrain has been removed; the talent’s area of effect is now always the same.
  • The time required to activate the talent has been reduced; it is now 0.9 seconds rather than 1.1 as before. Therefore, despite the lack of an AoE increase from Native Terrain, the hero will be able to hit enemies with Fire Flail almost as easily as before.
  • The amount of energy required to activate Fire Flail has been increased from 65 to 90.
  • The talent no longer knocks down trees.
Summon a Demon:
  • An error that caused the Demon’s Health to be displayed during battle as significantly lower than it really was in the talent description has been fixed.
  • An error that caused the amount of damage dealt by the Demon in his surrounding are with the Demon Blaze upgrade active to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.


Due to this hero’s low effectiveness and survivability early in the game, his basic talent Ire has been improved; it now allows him to deal increased damage with talents and attacks. Moreover, this change increases the hero’s Health Regeneration from the Unstoppable talent.
  • Now every fifth blow by the hero deals additional damage rather than every seventh as before. This change slightly increases the hero’s survivability and usefulness at the beginning of the game, when he actively uses auto-attack.
  • The “Ire Accumulation” status icon is now much more distinct from the “Ire” status icon, which indicates that the hero’s next attack will deal additional damage. This change will allow players to familiarize themselves with this status more easily.
Black Tornado
  • An error that caused the hero to remain invisible when dealing damage with Black Tornado if he originally became invisible while the talent was active has been fixed.


Soul Reaper/Soul Catcher
This hero has been reworked due to his low effectiveness as a Support hero in team battles. As a result, his general helpfulness to allies while in ghost form has been increased. The rate at which some of the hero’s statistics increase with additional Prime Levels has been changed: it has been increased for Strength and Agility and reduced for Cunning.
Ghost Whip
  • This talent now remains active as long as the hero remains in ghost form.
  • An error that caused the Soul Reaper/Soul Catcher not to hit invisible targets with Reaping, while other heroes with similar abilities could do just that (such as the Wanderer with his Decisive Attack, for example) has been fixed.
Shield of Ghosts
  • A shield created in ghost form absorbs 20% more damage than usual.
Shadow of Death
  • As long as Shadow of Death is active, the hero now has a Fear aura that reduces damage from attacks by enemies who are affected by it. The effect depends on the Soul Catcher/Soul Reaper’s Intellect or Strength (whichever is higher).
Lust for Life
  • An error that caused the hero’s acceleration effect not to be extended when in ghost form has been fixed.
  • An error that caused the lifespan of ghosts not to increase if they killed creatures under enemy hero control has been fixed.
Improved Tower AI
It used to be that once the player attacked an enemy hero from beyond a tower’s visible area, dealing no subsequent damage to soldiers or monsters, the tower would remember them as a priority target for 20 seconds and attack them every time they approached it.
Now, if a tower is targeting an enemy soldier and an allied hero takes damage from an enemy hero within the tower’s firing range, the tower will start attacking the hero and will remember him or her for another five seconds.
However, if a tower is already attacking an enemy hero when another hero deals damage to an allied hero, the tower will retain its original target, i.e. the hero it was already attacking. As a result, the role of Defenders in crushing lanes and destroying heroes within tower range in a team game has been made more important.
Life Drain
The Life Drain mechanic has been revamped. The effect could formerly be applied without taking enemy shields into consideration. Because of this, we observed situations where a hero using Life Drain would attack an enemy and deal no damage (since it was absorbed by the shield), but still regain Health. For example, if Quarrier/Rumbler was attacked while being inside a rock because of his Boulder talent, Life Drain would work successfully. Now the talent’s effect only works if its target actually takes damage.
  • It used to be that if a hero was ordered to raise a flag located within the fog of war, they would either stop what they were doing or just stand there. In the new version, if directed to a flag within the fog of war, a hero will approach it and stand next to it, waiting for orders from the player.
  • The effect of the Starfall Scroll now looks different to allied and enemy team members.
  • An error that caused the clones created with Reflection of Essence to disappear if the original heroes summoned their controlled creatures while the clones were active has been fixed.
  • A number of places on the Borderlands and Dragonwald maps in which it was possible to get stuck as a result of a failed teleportation have been fixed.
  • In the new version, the changes to hero rating calculated after a battle now take into consideration the fact that the rating of the heroes in a group is equal to the rating of the highest-rated hero in that group. Formerly, an average of all participants was used.
  • The Playground mini-game is now called the Scroll Workshop.


If you'd like to reconfigure your keybindings, stop by this guide on the forums.