Challenge: Our New Cooperative Survival Mode

19 June 2013

In this weekend’s open beta test, we’re excited to introduce our new single-player/cooperative twist on Prime World: Challenge mode. Challenge is a wave-based survival mode that concludes with an epic boss battle. Players will win talents and resources just like in the PvP modes. Bring your friends for cooperative action, or recruit AI heroes to help you in single-player.
There are three main goals in Challenge: control the flags, defend the towers, kill the enemies. As you complete these objectives, an artifact in your base will charge up. At full capacity, the artifact will create a Prime Explosion, closing off a path for the monsters to come from. As more paths are closed off, the Dragon will get closer. When only 1 path is left, the Dragon will not be happy!
Your base is in the center of the map, and paths will branch out from the center. Flags are scattered along these paths, and it’s up to you to balance capturing these flags with defending your base. To help you out, the Teleport ability has a short cooldown timer so you can pop around the map. Like in the PvP mode, you can only teleport to areas of the map that you control. 
Enemies will spawn and advance along these paths toward your base. But you’re not without help. Your base is guarded by towers, and you’ll need to keep them alive if you have any hope of surviving. A new glyph, Tower Sigil, can repair all the towers on the map a bit. You can find this glyph and several others near the flags. Glyphs in this mode are stronger and last longer than glyphs in the other modes.
Ready to tackle this new challenge? Tell us how ready you are in our comments section!


This weekend’s open beta test begins on Friday. Along with the Challenge mode, you’ll get to try out several other modes including Apocalypse, Native Land and Switcheroo. On Thursday, we’ll reveal the exact times and map rotation schedule for the test.