Native Land and Switcheroo, Too

18 June 2013

Much like the Apocalypse mode we detailed yesterday, Native Land and Switcheroo will be available in this weekend’s open beta test. Both of these new modes take place on the Borderlands map, and each of them offers a unique twist to keep things fresh.
Native Land takes the concept of Native Terrain (land that is controlled by your team through raising flags) to the extreme. In this 5v5 map, when heroes are on Native Terrain, they are more powerful than on the original Borderlands. So powerful, in fact, that even if you’re opponents are outleveling you by two to three levels, you can equalize the fight if you’re on Native Terrain.
Here’s the breakdown of the boosts you’ll receive on Native Terrain:
+ Speed is up by 5
+ Regen of HP and Energy is up by 100%
+ Either Strength or Intellect is up by 30% (whichever is higher)
+ Incoming damage is reduced by 25%
+ Cooldowns are reduced by 40%
Heroes with abilities that can create their own areas of Native Terrain are effective on this map. For example, Maiden/Nymph’s Bewitch ability creates a circle of Native Terrain around herself. Not only will she get the additional Terrain bonuses, but her allies will, too. There are several other heroes with abilities like this, including Quarrier/Rumbler and Warlord/Shogun.
In Switcheroo, players randomly switch heroes with their teammates at the start of the match. You won’t know whose hero is in your possession or how their hero talents are arranged until you start the battle. 
Sometimes you’ll know how to play the hero, but you haven’t used their build. Sometimes you won’t know that hero at all. This mode rewards quick strategic thinking and adaptation.
This is a great mode to try different builds without actually building them. Ever wonder what a decked out Claw/Fang feels like rushing out of the forest? How about a tanky Cryo/Blizzard? If your teammates built their heroes like this, you’ll know the answer when you play Switcheroo.
Also, Switcheroo won’t affect your rating, and you can still win rewards from it.
Are you excited for this weekend’s beta test? Tell us all about it on our forums! More news will be coming out later this week, including map rotation schedule and the exact times of the beta test.