Nival at E3: Part Two

14 June 2013

First on the plate:  The open beta for Prime World will be here in a few months. This will be an around-the-clock open beta available every day of the week. You can play the game in the middle of the week at 2 a.m. You can play it with a fox. You can play it in a box. And best of all, your progress from previous beta tests will not be wiped. We’ll have more details on when you can expect the open beta soon.
Can’t wait a few months to get your Prime World fix? We’ve got what you need. Next weekend, we’re hosting an open beta test weekend! You will not need a beta code to join the fray. Invite your friends. Tell your family. Everyone is welcome to join. During the OBT weekend, we will have new modes available, including some that we haven’t yet revealed, as well as some old modes. Dragonwald will not be available for this test due to bug-fixing.
One of those new modes that you’ll get to experience is our brand-new cooperative PvE mode. You can play the mode in single-player or in a group of 3-5 players. The single-player is a traditional story-driven campaign experience that will take place over new missions that will release periodically. You can watch the cooperative PvE mode in action in this video.
Next up:  Prime World is coming to Steam! You can play Prime World with your Steam buddies, make a Steam group for your clan, share screenshots and so much more. If you don’t use Steam, don’t worry. You won’t need to switch to Steam if you already have a Prime World account. Prime World will be available on Steam in the coming months.
Finally, the castle-building section of Prime World is coming to iOS and Android. You’ll be able to farm resources, forge talents and chat with friends and clanmates on the go. We do not have a set release date for this at the moment. More news will come when we have it. 
Also, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Inventor and Artiste are joining the fray once again.
Keep an eye on this album for more images from our trip to E3.
How do you feel about the wonderful new things coming to Prime World? Join the discussion. We’d love to hear from you!