E3 and Upcoming Beta Weekends

06 June 2013

Big things are happening for E3. Get ready.

Boxes are strewn about. People are rushing around. Through all the hubbub, a single thought rests on everyone’s mind:  Five days until E3. As much as we would love to spill the beans, we can’t talk about our plans just yet. Keep your eyes on the website for more information.

With preparation for the big event being our top priority, there will not be another beta weekend until further notice. This extends beyond the week of E3. But don’t fret: That news is not as bad as it sounds. Stay tuned.

While you wait for the big news, why not join your fellow members in some E3 speculation on the forums? Or you can contribute to the official Wiki and win some cool prizes. Plus, you can continue to share your feedback from the past three beta weekends.

Your beta feedback has gone straight to the top of the company. Because of your feedback, there will be some noticeable changes the next time you play Prime World. Keep up the great work! If you’re not a part of the discussion yet, you can post your thoughts on the game on your platform of choice:  the official forums , Facebook, Twitter and Reddit!