Maintaining A Balance

02 June 2013

It has come to our attention that there we are starting to see a large number of skilled Russian players entering the queues of the English Closed Beta.

This Closed Beta and version of Prime World was created exclusively for our English player bases and has taken us a great deal of time to get to this point. Over the course of the last several Beta Weekends we have had an increasing number of reports that the number of highly skilled Russian players playing in the Closed English Beta is making it very hard for players to enjoy the game. While we have no problems with our Russian players joining the ranks of our current English players, at this time it is making it very difficult for us to do proper testing for our new regions.

With that we ask that our experienced Russian players please refrain from participating in the English Closed Beta. Failure to do so will result in the temporary freezing of accounts that make testing a difficult experience for both Nival and our players. Once we have entered Open Beta any frozen accounts will be available again. Additionally, any players who do not adhere to the Player Naming policy will have their accounts renamed to USERXXXXXXX for the time being. Players who attempt to recreate new accounts in order to circumvent these efforts will be removed from the Closed Beta permanently.

As Prime World continues to grow and our players become more experienced with the game, we hope that those who are finding themselves in the higher bracket of players begin to help contribute to the community discussions more and aid other players in learning the game as well as they have.

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