Dragonwald: Rumble In The Jungle

31 May 2013

Dragonwald. The dark and gloomy forest awaits your arrival. What mysteries will it hold? What dangers will arise from the shadows?

This week, we take you into the Dragonwald, our 4v4 PVE/PVP map. PVE/PVP you say!? Yes, but keep your voice down, we don't want to wake the Dragon.

Teams will fight their way through the thick forests of Dragonwald, working their way towards Dragon at the center. Once you have defeated the Dragon — if you have defeated the Dragon that is — you must escort its Egg to the opposing team's base. You will be facing new, stronger enemies, so unlike the weak "monsters" in the forests of the Borderlands, you'll need to be on your game.


  • While there are no set lanes in Dragonwald, there are distinct northern and southern paths; however, players are free to roam the forest as they see fit. The deeper you go, the harder the monsters become.
  • Area flags are located mostly along the northern and southern paths, with several near the center of the map.
  • There is a bridge in the center of the map that allows you easier access back to the Dragon's area in the center of the map. Make sure to hit the large button to activate the bridge!
  • There are no towers or base structures to destroy on this map.
  • Once you have killed the Dragon, a minion will spawn with a large Egg over its head. Lead the minion to its destination to defeat the enemy. Every time the minion is killed, a new Egg is available to be grabbed from the Dragon's corpse.
  • The game is won once one team lowers the power of the other team's base to zero. This can be done by having the power of the Egg in your possession!


  • Most monsters in the forest will not respawn once they have been killed. Be careful not to waste any potential experience by having anyone miss out on killing them with you. Ones that do respawn will give limited Prime and will be marked on the Map.
  • Killing some monsters will spawn healing runes at their corpse, use these in time of need! Keeping your most tanky hero in the group well healed will help in clearing the monsters much easier.
  • Many monsters are far too strong to take on alone, make sure to bring a friend. Additionally, some monsters will take some strategy to take down, so pay close attention.


  • Protectors and Vanguards: These guys are going to help carry you through the forest safely. Some of these monsters are tough and you will need thick skin to take them on.
  • Protect the carries! Having your strongest heroes getting last hits and working up the most experience they can will ensure that when it comes time to rumble in the jungle you come out on top.
  • Stuns and Slows are very important to kiting or preventing some of these monsters from getting too close. Stopping casts will become important too, watch out for dangerous ground effects.

As a reminder, here are the notes for this Beta Weekend again:

The map schedule will work a little bit different than usual. The maps will be rotating so that we can get accurate feedback on them as well as continue to do some internal testing. The rotation is as follows:

1 Hour of Borderlands → 30 Minutes of Outpost → 1 Hour of Borderlands → 1 Hour of Dragonwald → 1 Hour of Borderlands → 30 Minutes of Outpost, so on and so forth.


  • The Beta event begins Saturday June 1st at 7AM EST / 4AM PST  / 12PM BST and ends Monday June 3rd at 3AM EST / 12AM PST / 7AM BST. (Late night Sunday)
  • Once you have Beta Access, you will have Beta Access to all further Prime World Beta events.
  • For this Beta event players will be introducing our 4v4 PVP/PVE Map 'Dragonwald'.
  • For this Beta event players will be given a free hero under level 20 (normally obtainable through resources gathered over a longer gameplay time). If you have already used this in the previous Beta Weekend, you will not get another. To get your free hero, simply click the green horn icon on the right hand side of the screen in the Castle.
  • There will be no wipe after any Prime World Beta event. Therefore, anything you earn in the Beta you will keep forever, including heroes.
  • Gold will not be available for purchase during this Beta event. These other services will also not be available during the Beta event: faction transfers, account renaming, RU→EN transfers.
  • Players are free to post screen shots, live stream the game, and share its content on any social platform.
  • For this Beta Event Inventor and Artiste will not be playable.

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