About Our Community and Wiki Contest

29 May 2013

Here at Nival, our number one goal for Prime World is to create the most positive community atmosphere possible.

We want your Prime World experience to be free from harassment and bullying. You should feel safe in our game, regardless of your skill level or personal history. We believe it is in our best interest and yours to do everything in our power to make this possible.

As such, we’re going to implement a new player behavior policy for Prime World. The goal of this policy is to pinpoint and remove toxic players from the game as quickly as possible. This policy covers a number of areas such as chat violations, naming violations, improper player behavior and more. We are also working on systems that will help players report toxic behavior.

What do we mean by toxic behavior? We mean the behavior that pollutes a game and creates a miserable experience for other players. This behavior includes aiding the opposite team (“feeding”), harassing other players for being new to the game, racism, sexism, name-calling and more. There are plenty of games where this behavior is rampant, but this behavior is not welcome in ours.

While we understand that anyone can have moments of toxic or inappropriate behavior and that does not necessarily make you a toxic player, we encourage our players to be the best they can and for others to try and help them in times of need.

One way to decrease the toxicity of a game is to increase the general knowledge of the game across the playerbase. We believe toxic players are far less likely to abuse if all players in a match know the do’s and don’ts of Prime World.

This leads us to our first community contest.

We’ve teamed up with Curse to bring you our very own Prime World Wiki. You can learn more about Curse at their site.

From now on you can find a link to the Wiki in our main navigation bar under the ABOUT link.

So what’s the contest? The top five people who contribute the most to the Wiki will win lots of goodies! The top contributor will also be given a custom forum title of their choosing. Remember, all resources, gold, heroes, etc. will carry over into the launch version of Prime World, so there’s no better time to win than now!

This contest starts right now and will end July 1st.

Winners will be announced on July 2nd.

Here is the prizing structure:

You read correctly! 50,000 silver! 100 Gold! 50 Prime Crystals! and 50,000 of each resource! You may look to the Russian Wiki for help with the contents of the English Wiki. Users who delete another user’s submission and include their own version of the same information will be disqualified. The goal is to create a large Wiki for new players to read. Curse will be helping track the progress, so there will be no debate as to who has done what.

How do you feel about our community policy and community contest? Let us know on our forums.