How To: Outpost

25 May 2013

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to how Outpost works.

Outpost is our 3v3 map. It is designed for fast-paced and intensive combat with an average length of around 10 minutes for a single battle. This map has many differences from the other game modes both in tactics and in mechanics.
We would like to explain some of those things to you so that players can better understand what this mode is about.
  • The map has a single line with two layers of towers guarding your base. There are no "jungle" and minigame on this map. However, runes and flags do exist.
  • You start the match with an increased amount of Prime and your heroes also will gain prime at an increased speed of 15 prime per second, resulting in much faster leveling.
  • In the first 8 minutes of the game, your heroes will revive much faster, but after the 8th minute, each minute will significantly increase the revive timer.
  • Upon killing any hero, your hero's cooldowns will instantly be restored by 35%, making fights much more bloody and frequent.
  • The Towers and Main Base structures are much more resilient and require a long time to be destroyed, unless attacked by a siege unit.
  • Destroying a Tower will give you a significant amount of Prime.
  • Minions spawn on at a normal rate, except that every 4th wave you will get a special Siege unit.
  • Siege units are designed to destroy enemy Towers, Structures, and other Siege units.
  • They will not attack enemy heroes.
  • Each Siege unit is equipped with a shield which will deplete if being attacked, unless there is a friendly hero nearby.
  • While a friendly hero is near a Siege unit, its shield will regenerate much faster. Having all 3 heroes near a siege unit will make it very hard to destroy. 
  • If a friendly hero dies, a siege unit will instantly lose 35% of its health, so it is also important not to die once a Siege unit is on the battlefield.
  • Siege units gain bonus damage over time, so the more you keep it alive, the bigger the damage it will have.
It is very important to keep your Siege unit safe. This is the core mechanics and strategy of the map.
Because of the significant differences in the mechanics, heroes perform differently on this map.
  • Assassins. They are doing pretty good on this map, the 35% cooldown reduction make them pretty effective for constant fights, however their small amount of health makes defending a siege unit more difficult.
  • AoE heroes. Area based damage spells are very effective on this map since it has only one lane.
  • Ranged fighters. Ranged heroes are generally good because they can harass more effective and avoid taking damage.
  • Protectors and Vanguards. Damage sustainability and toughness is very important in 3v3 fights when siege units are up. Between these fights, heroes with melee attack who lack harassment spells should avoid taking damage and attacking.
  • Support heroes can be good for certain teams, but generally the lack of damage can be dangerous.
  • Participating in an Outpost will consume much less vigor than other maps. However, you will also gain less talents, experience and rating for participating.

Please direct all player feedback to the Outpost Feedback thread.