Beta Weekend #2: Reminder

24 May 2013

Just a quick reminder to everyone. The Beta Weekend starts again tomorrow.

Incase you were unclear, here are the notes for this Beta Weekend.

  • The Beta event begins Saturday May 25th at 7AM EST / 4AM PST  / 12PM BST and ends Monday May 27th at 3AM EST / 12AM PST / 5AM BST. (Late night Sunday)
  • Once you have Beta Access, you will have Beta Access to all further Prime World Beta events.
  • For this Beta event players will be testing our 3v3 map, "Outpost".
  • For this Beta event players will be given a free hero under level 20 (normally obtainable through resources gathered over a longer gameplay time). If you have already used this in the previous Beta Weekend, you will not get another. To get your free hero, simply click the green horn icon on the right hand side of the screen in the Castle.
  • There will be no wipe after any Prime World Beta event. Therefore, anything you earn in the Beta you will keep forever, including heroes.
  • Gold will not be available for purchase during this Beta event. These other services will also not be available during the Beta event: faction transfers, account renaming, RU→EN transfers.
  • Players are free to post screen shots, live stream the game, and share its content on any social platform.
  • For this Beta Event Inventor and Artiste will not be playable.

For Beta Weekend #2 we will be taking players into the "Outpost," our single lane 3v3 map. In the Outpost you will struggle to destroy your opponents base by not only fighting against each other in the lava dredged valley, but you will face large Siege Tanks sent from the opposing base while attempting to protect your own. Will you be able to defend your base in this fast-paced dynamic fight to the death?

Once again, we please ask you to fill out our Feedback Survey. The results are very important to us, and help us shape the future of Prime World. So please, take a few minutes and let us know what you think.