Your Feedback, Our Thoughts

23 May 2013

Ahoy, Primeworldians!

Before we dive into some feedback responses, we wanted to ask you to please fill out our survey. It won't take you long, and its results are very important to us. So please, take a moment and give us your thoughts.

As we approach Beta Weekend #2, we wanted you to know we have our ears wide open. We were ecstatic to read all of the constructive feedback everyone had, even just from their small taste of what Prime World has to offer. Alongside all of the feedback, we explored some of your ideas for features and also got to work on smashing your bug reports! And for this, we tip our hats to you, Prime World Community.
Scouring the forums section by section, thread by thread, and post by post, we've come back with some thoughts about... well... your thoughts!
Players Humor and Prometheus had concerns about characters with many passive abilities such as Highlander and Immortal.
Prime World offers you the ability to play heroes the way you want to play them. By switching around talents, you are able to add more active abilities to any of your heroes. Adding a healing spell, a root, and an AOE damage spell, even invisibility is as easy as obtaining the proper Talents.
"But I shouldn't have to add skills through Talents, that's wasting a Talent slot for stats I want," you shout with blood dripping from your fangs.
Ah, but that's why their passives add stats to the hero. It's simply the way these heroes were designed. There is give and take, and while some players may find these heroes more boring than others with more base active abilities, we can assure you that after some higher level play you will see their full potential.
Nightsky, Aad, and others mentioned that they felt they should be able to skip the game's tutorial altogether, and that there were some topics not covered in the tutorials like they hoped they would be.
We are happy to say that we are on it! There is most definitely room for improvement on the game's tutorial, and it is in our active duty to get you all of the information you require to have a thorough understanding of the game. We can't say we will be removing the tutorial entirely, but we will try our best to make things better for everyone.
Reiv and Notalltogether noted that Tower Mechanics were a bit different in Prime World from other games, even behaving a bit strange with things like targeting priority.
We are aware of this and some changes have been made in the most recent patch (9.8, beta is 9.7.2 currently) to how the towers behave.
Player Hyrda and a few others wondered what was up with needing friends to feel like your resource production was in tip-top shape.
One of the features we are most proud of in Prime World is our Clan system. Instead of players creating small teams to play with, we want to encourage large-scale clan play. Like heroes and players, Clans can be leveled up by applying excess resources to them. When a Clan levels up, its members are given various bonuses, and the clan building itself even generates some resources. By allowing you to add friends, clan members, and other friends to your production, we are encouraging players to band together to be the best they can be and to crush the enemy in the process.
"Why are there so many duplicate heroes in my matches," you screamed as your body was pumped full of Inventor bullets coming from every direction.
Again, this is something that is more of an internal system that isn't explained well. Until a player has some victories they will be queued in such a way that they can end up with duplicates on the same team. Since we are in the start of the Closed Beta this is the case for many players.
The reasoning for this feature is that we want players to be able to play the heroes they want to play and not have to wait too long for queues. Since there are only so many heroes that people have obtained, this will be the case for a little bit. It will smooth itself over.
We would also like to take this opportunity to mention that Inventor will not be available for play until we fix his trigger finger. He has some balance issues that we are aware of and we apologize for his absence until we can get him all fixed up for you.
As Prime World heads into its second Beta Weekend, we continue to encourage all of our players to keep submitting your feedback. We read every single page of it. Our commitment to the community is second to none, and we want to make Prime World's community members know that we will do everything in our power to make it the best community, period. We were going to wait a bit longer to make another announcement, but we will just hint at it here. We have a new Community Manager getting ready to leap into the forefront of battle and take things to the next level. Who knows what he will do. Oh, it's a he? We've already said too much.