Prime World Beta Weekend #2!

20 May 2013

Thank you everyone who joined us for the first Prime World Beta Weekend.

First things first we would like to answer some of the most common questions that keep popping up on our forums.

Q: Will there be any account wipes after Beta?
A: No. We will never wipe your accounts. Ever. You will keep it through Close Beta, Open Beta and Release.

Q: Why can't I access the game!?
A: Currently, you are only able to access the game during Beta Events. Please make sure to keep up to date with our news through our homepage, our forums, Facebook, Twitter, or Carrier Pigeon.

Q: I still have not managed to get a Beta Key. Where can I get one?
A: Either from one of these sources. or by registering on the website at

In our last Beta Weekend we took players to the "Borderlands," our 5v5 map, most well known to all players. For this week, we want to show you another mode that is quite different. 

For Beta Weekend #2 we will be taking players into the "Outpost," our single lane 3v3 map. In the Outpost you will struggle to destroy your opponents base by not only fighting against each other in the lava dredged valley, but you will face large Siege Tanks sent from the opposing base while attempting to protect your own. Will you be able to defend your base in this fast-paced dynamic fight to the death?

Before we go into any details about what is to come next, we here at Nival wanted to take a moment to thank all of our players for being as patient as possible as we worked to resolve any of your issues that may have come from this Beta Weekend. As this week goes on we will continue to resolve the remaining issues so that for our next Beta Weekend we can create an even smoother experience.

But we still need your help!

We ask that our players please come to our forums and provide with us all of your feedback about the game. We take all of our community feedback very seriously and as time goes on you will see just how much impact you will have on the final release of Prime World.

As Beta Weekends continue to happen, we encourage everyone to keep giving us your feedback, report bugs, and interact with and help your fellow players to learn about all the features Prime World has to offer. We will be monitoring the community and in the coming weeks we will be looking for candidates to become a part of our forum moderation team. If you feel like you are up for the task and have already shown you are an exceptional member of the Prime World community, feel free to message Tsuda on the forums.

We are happy to report that a large majority of players were able to activate their accounts, download the client, and play Prime World without a hitch. And with that we would like to announce that the next Beta Weekend will be this coming weekend May 25-27th. Again here is some important information regarding the upcoming Beta Weekend that we would like our players to review.

  • The Beta event begins Saturday May 25th at 7AM EST / 4AM PST  / 12PM BST and ends Monday May 27th at 3AM EST / 12AM PST / 5AM BST. (Late night Sunday)
  • Once you have Beta Access, you will have Beta Access to all further Prime World Beta events.
  • For this Beta event players will be testing our 3v3 map, "Outpost" as well as our PVB (Player vs. Bot) Training map.
  • For this Beta event players will be given a free hero under level 20 (normally obtainable through resources gathered over a longer gameplay time). If you have already used this in the previous Beta Weekend, you will not get another.
  • There will be no wipe after any Prime World Beta event. Therefore, anything you earn in the Beta you will keep forever, including heroes.
  • Gold will not be available for purchase during this Beta event. These other services will also not be available during the Beta event: faction transfers, account renaming, RU→EN transfers.
  • Players are free to post screen shots, live stream the game, and share its content on any social platform.

Discuss the upcoming Beta Weekend on the forums.