What Is Prime World?

16 May 2013

As we lead up to our very first beta weekend we wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit about what Prime World is.

Prime World is a story of two factions, their struggle, and the neverending battle to control a new mysterious substance called Prime.

The Dokht Imperium: lovers of science, masters of engineering, and the pursuit of ever expanding knowledge. And the Keepers of Adornia: nature's caretakers, keepers of mythology, and the freedom of creativity and emotion.



Prime World is a competitive RPG at heart, and always has been. We've accomplished this by creating a game that thrives on diversified action RPG gameplay, both cooperatively and solo. Whether you are part of a five person squad using cunning and teamwork to dominate a Borderlands map or carefully making your way alone through our forthcoming PvE missions, Prime World will test the skills of all players and offer interesting choices about how to progress.
"As a former Producer of Guild Wars in Russia, I was greatly inspired by idea of cooperative gameplay with a huge level of customization. Only now, I wanted to help take it even further." - Larisa Nuretdinova (Creative Producer)
One of the many ways we rally the competitive spirit is through our deep level of character customization through not only aesthetics but talents, abilities, and statistics. Not only do we have over 30 unique heroes to take to battle, but there is an endless combination of talents and abilities you can use to customize your hero to fight the way you want them to fight. With over 700 talents currently in the game and more coming with every update, we are always adding more ways for you to take your heroes to the next level. Give your favorite healer a stun? Sure! Tanky heroes feeling a bit slow? Give them some activable speed boosting abilities! The sky's the limit.
"Persistent character development is the core of any good RPG, and the feeling of progression is one of the most satisfying emotions any gamer can experience." - Marc Singer (Producer)
Prime World's RPG heart beats through in its persistent character development. This is not just another action-combat game. Not only does your home castle grow as you expand your economy, but heroes progress independently based on how you use them. Each battle they fight earns experiences towards gaining levels that further customization, as you assign stats to build the type of hero you want to play. It is your choice of talents, your hero, your play style. Prime World lets you own it all.
It’s important to note that players don’t have to engage in constant PVP battles to progress, players are able to reach the cap in both personal and hero level without ever playing a PVP match.
We have always wanted to give players the ability to choose. Choose your hero, choose your battlefield, choose your gameplay style, choose to play alone, choose to play cooperatively, choose everything! Customizing your heroes is not the only aspect of Prime World we want players to be engaged in, we want you to choose your experience. We even offer skins for your heroes which will not only change the way they look, but can completely change their gender, voice, and animations as well!
As we continue to expand our RPG features we will keep the competitive spirit alive and well through events, tournaments, contests, and feats of strength from our community!
"It was important for us to make a Free-To-Play game from the start. Adding an artificial "bar-to-entry" through lack of financials or other means doesn’t make for a robust community. Everyone should get the chance to play." - Ivan Spijarsky (Head of Operating)
Making Prime World a Free-to-Play title not only made sense, but it really does create a community of players that are really passionate about the game they are playing. Not only will there be more players to play with, but players are free to choose how and when they want to play. We've crafted Prime World with the very strict idea that it will never be Pay-to-Win, a fear that many gamers have about Free-to-Play titles. Players are able to experience all aspects of the game, earn all of the talents, and reach the end-game without ever having to spend a dime.