The End of the World, Prime version

21 December 2012

Well, as you might’ve probably noticed by now, world didn’t end. Not it was supposed to end for this matter, but all this fuzz about Mayan prophecies and 12/21/12 gave us an idea for a game mode.

So on December, 19 we’ve launched End of the World game event – It is a modded version of Borderlands map, but dead creeps and heroes don’t just disappear – they become zombies and turn against their former allies. 

We’ll have it as event for a week and then we’ll just add it to our usual modes selection along with Outpost and Dragonwald.

This isn’t a first event nor it will be the last – we’ve experimented with game on Halloween for example with not just special designs for maps and characters, but with new mechanics – Pumpkin Stealth. It proved to be way too overpowered, so we ditched it. 

But the End of the World is going smooth so far, so we’re sure we’ll keep it in game.