Talents system

03 December 2012

While we always talk about how talents are important in Prime World we never really discussed talents themselves. So, let's fix it.

Each hero has a deck of 36 talents. New heroes come with pre-build deck, that consists mostly of common talents with some uncommons and one or two rare ones. This deck is usually well-balanced for a newbie gamer, that haven't decided how he will develop this particular hero. But of course, you will want to change deck after several battles to suit your style.

Some of those 36 talents are hero-specific - like Machine Gun for Inventor, for example. You can remove those hero-specific talents as well, of course: it isn't recommended, but we've seen several builds around this kind of strategy and they do work.

Non-hero specific talents come in two flavors: active and passive. Active talents, for example, stun enemy heroes, do magic of physical damage, reveal hidden area and so on. Passive talents increase your and your teammates parameters, reduce cooldowns, do damage over time to enemies around you and stuff like that. The whole talents concept is a little bit like items in MOBA games, only talents are generally not that strong, because you'll have 36 of those unlocked in the late game.

To simplify your choices during battle we divided all talents into six levels - after you unlock four talents on level 1 you can unlock talents on level 2 and so on. So basically it means that you'll have 24 talents in main deck and 12 talents in side deck.

This side deck thing is quite important . It comes from traditional CCG games and while the main deck usually is created to support the main strategy of your hero, side deck consists of talents that you might need "just in case". For example it is useful to have an instant shield to protect you from enemy ultimates, but you might not need it. You also should think about having some additional defense in side deck depending on who you will end up against - Will for Magic Damage and Stamina for Physical Damage.

Usually you will build your deck around one or two key features or parameters. If we talk about Inventor there are two main builds:  into Strength for his Clockwork Bomb or into Intellect for his Turrets. More complicated builds revolve around specific strategies, like Cooldown + Strength + Mana Regen (so he can spam Bombs) or maybe Intellect + Cunning to finish off groups of enemies with Machine Gun.

But that's not all. Talents also come in different levels of rarity - common (yellow), uncommon (green), rare (blue) and unique (violet). Usually you'll want unique and rare talents in your deck, but those, well, rare to find. Also you can upgrade talents - you might recycle talents you don't need to improve ones you rely on - up to four times. It is also good way to get rid of extra talents, because selling them is too wasteful.

So, yeah, talents system is complicated if you want to dig in. Of course, you can just use prebuilt deck, only add recommended talents when you acquire those and you'll be good.  But if you want to master Prime World, you'll have to think. A lot.