Castle and economy

06 November 2012

We've discussed battle modes of Prime World before and we'll talk about PvP and PvE later, but today we wanted to talk about your castle and importance of economy in Prime World.


You're not just a hero in a Prime World - you're Lord. And while waging battles is a half of a fun, careful preparations and management is really important here.

So, your castle serves three main purposes. First, it houses all your heroes and stores all your talents, that you've earned in battles. While technically you could stop here and use castle as a glorified PvP-interface it is so much more.

Well developed economy allows you to produce talents in castle even when you're not in a game. It requires well balanced chain of production and some attention, but it isn't really that hard - and in the end producing new talents in castle is actually simpler than gaining them in a battle. So this is second purpose of your castle.

And third, you can build special towers that enhance certain hero parameters. For example you could have a tower for Assault-class heroes, that increases strength of all your characters. It isn't a game-changer, but it could be quite useful in late game, where even couple of points can decide a game.


Prime World isn't a game about winning one battle, it is about developing your characters and winning a war. It takes certain preparations, but it is worth it.