Outpost - one lane, two towers, three enemies to kill

19 October 2012

Today we'd like to talk a bit more about Outpost - our second most popular game mode so far (after classic Borderlands, you've probably seen already).


Outpost is the fastest game mode in Prime World - average battle takes around 10 minutes to complete and rarely goes over 15 minutes.

There is only one lane with two towers on each side and three players in each team. But this isn't your ARAM or All-mid, Outpost features a different game mechanic.

For starters, towers in Outpost are lot more powerful than they are in Borderlands or Homeland. You cannot possibly take one on your own or even with all your team, even on higher levels. To destroy towers and push the lane you have to use battle machines: Walker for Imperium or Monstera for Kingdom.

But there is one caveat: those battle machines are quite fragile if no one is around. You have to escort them and protect them from enemy team all while trying to take down enemy machine. It is double edged sword - being around your battle machine increases it's shield, but if you die it will take 30% damage immediately.


To make matters more complicated and fun, we've changed your respawn time. In early stage (up to 8 minutes) your hero will respawn almost immediately, but as the game progresses you'll find yourself dead for up to two minutes, giving enemy enough advantage to take your base out. So, you have to either destroy your opponents really fast, or you'll gave outsmart them so you could then outnumber and outgun them.