Dragonwald - slay the Dragon, steal the egg, destroy enemy base

06 October 2012

As we wrote previously, Prime World changed a lot since beta launch in Russia, and before we start beta testing it in Europe and US we'd like to talk a little bit about what's new.


By now you've probably seen our Borderlands mode - classic three-lanes map divided into three stages (laning, mid and endgame). It is still one of the most popular game modes in Prime World, but not by far.

We developed Dragonwald for people that want more PvE in their game. That's why Dragonwald doesn't have any PvP in a first stage - teams start on different ends of the map and gradually approach the Dragon, that sits in a middle.

Map is varied and difficult, so it is up to you to come up with best strategy - you have to decide if you want to split your team and how you will split it, you need to have separate tactics for each mini-boss and still you need to get to Dragon as fast as you can, so you can kill it before enemy team does.

After that you'll have to get Dragon's egg to enemy base, kind of reverse CTF or Payload from Team Fortress 2: protect your NPC character for as long as you can and enemy base will get damaged the closer NPC carrier gets to it.


As we said, Dragonwald allows for variety of tactics - you might want to leave killing a Dragon to enemy team to gank them, you might want to skip the Dragon altogether and lure enemy into a trap, or you might try to outlevel them. It all depends on your team and your heroes, same as in Borderlands, Homeland or Outpost. But we'll talk about those modes later.