Some news about Prime World

21 September 2012

We thought it might be appropriate time to discuss what's going on with Prime World. After launching Russian open beta test we spent a lot of time polishing and perfecting game and meanwhile didn't really talk to our US and European fans. We made a lot of improvements during this half a year and now the time has finally come to shed some light on what is going on and how the game had progressed over time. We've added new content to Prime World, rebalanced old features and polished it gameplay-wise, so we feel that now we're ready to bring Prime World to gamers outside Russia, where we have around half a million gamers already, that really helped us improve a game.

Prime World now has four battle modes - in addition to classic three-lanes Borderlands mode we have PvEvP gothic-styled Dragonwald, fast-paced Outpost, where battles take from 10 to 12 minutes and defense-based Homeland.

Talent system was modified a lot - all the basic stuff is still there, but it is so much more now. You still can collect talents to equip your heroes, but now you can also upgrade those, using other talents as raw materials.

We're expanding Prime World lore with additional games (Emaki is already out there, try it) and quests inside main game. We also have first book of Prime World series, "Prime Machine" translated - it was written by internationally-acclaimed writer Vadim Panov, and we're sure fantasy lovers will like it.

Of course we've improved and expanded your castle, which is now much more than a hub - it is a separate meta-game, where you build factories, research new talents, hire heroes and upgrade them.

We always imagined Prime World to be more than your average MOBA, game in equal parts about developing your skills and raising and improving your heroes and characters. And we're finally getting there.

There is still so much work to do, of course - we're introducing character skins next month and intend to have new game mode shortly after that. We're not going to stop, we're glad that game was received so well in Russia and we hope that you'll like it too.

As we've announced earlier, we're launching Prime World in Turkey in October and if everything goes smooth, we plan to introduce game to new countries after that. Exact launch plan for Europe and US is still not final, so we can't promise any exact dates, but it will happen soon.

And it will be well worth the wait, we promise.