Press Discusses Gender in Prime World

24 April 2012

Creative Producer Larisa Nuretdinova spoke to Penny Arcade Report's Ben Kuchera about Nival's plans for attracting more female players to the online battle arena genre. By adding special perks and talents for newer players, Prime World aims to make welcoming newcomers and having gender balanced teams an in-game asset.

It started a discussion in gaming media about gender issues and whether Prime World team is making a right choice by allowing your real gender to affect your game.

The Escapist examines the gender balance issue and wonders if this is the proper way to broaden the game's demographic. Are there alternative paths that Prime World should have taken?

In a change of pace from most of the coverage, William Murphy at RTS Guru makes the argument for why gendered discounts and differences could be the shake up the genre needs in order to welcome more women to a genre that is overwhelmingly male.

Massively turned its MMO gaze to the argument over Prime World's bonuses for men and women. A good summary of the policy is followed by an energetic discussion in the comments as gamers make known their feelings about this dramatic approach to community building.

Leading online gaming site IGN asked readers to weigh in on the debate over whether it is reasonable to have gendered bonuses in Prime World. In an online poll, most gamers came out against Nival's plans. What do you think?