Prime World: An Introduction to Battle

21 March 2012

Greetings Lords and Ladies!


Prime World has many interconnected components, but one of the thrills is the action on the battlefield. At the core of the conflict are the opposing viewpoints of the Imperium and the Keepers on their main resource, Prime. The Imperium are committed to their use of Prime for scientific advancement, and the Keepers are unwavering in their pledge to use Prime for the pursuit of beautiful, creative growth. As we are beginning to see, Prime affects every part of their daily lives, but in drastically different ways.

During the fight, the Imperium and the Keepers are locked in a continuous competition for which nation can win the most Prime. Whoever has control of the Prime wins the war! During the battle, the outcome depends on you, the Lords and Ladies, who control Heroes to support your armies, capture new territory, and attempt to destroy the enemy base.

This means you must choose your most talented, highly evolved Heroes to send into battle, because the fight for Prime is not one to lose. No matter how well your Heroes are performing, there is never time to get comfortable. In Prime World, there is a phenomenon known as Terraforming, which allows heroes fighting on their native terrain to have enhanced talents. This is terrific, until your heroes are fighting on opposing native terrain, when enemy talents are stronger. The enemy army is also led by equally accomplished heroes, so victory is not just a matter of brute strength; it is a combination of communication, courage, teamwork, and mental prowess.

In a fast paced battle that can change on a dime, do you think you have what it takes to lead your hero and your team to victory? Who would you want fighting on your side?

See you soon!