Welcome to the Official Prime World Website!

21 March 2012

The Prime World team is happy to announce the launch of our official website! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Prime World, from details about the gameplay to interviews with the developers to a history of all of our heroes and what makes them tick.

 •   To-the-minute updates on getting in on our upcoming exclusive Closed Beta

 •   Introductions to our heroes fighting on behalf of the Imperium and the Keepers

 •   Contests to win prizes like our limited edition E3 swag, our Fox Tail!

 •   Discussions to give you deep insight into the game development process

 •   Plus, more, juicy, top-secret news. Obviously we can’t say just yet, since it’s a secret.

Above all, we’re pretty sure the smug satisfaction of being the first to know about the crazy new things we’re bringing to the gaming arena is too good to pass up.

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See you soon!