Update 11.20

25 December 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The maintenance is over and once again the Heroes are ready to fight!

New Season

Following the 11.20 Update, the new Season of Progress comes to Praya!

Learn more about the season here.

New Hero

Meet Bomber!

As with the previous Heroes, you have three options to hire Bomber:

  • By completing a seven-day chain of quests. After you finish it, you may hire the Hero for 750,000 Silver. The first quest will become available today, at 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) and the last one will open on January 1. Upon completing the last task you will get a new quest where you will be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • You may use the standard recruitment method (buying for Silver without having to complete the quest). It will be available to all players whose Castle has Level 25 or above, starting January 8.
  • You may also hire Bomber now, for 299 Gold.

With the release of the new Hero, the price of Shaman has been reduced to 500,000 Silver and 199 Gold.

Please note!

The victories you achieve with help of the new Hero will not be recognized in the quests taken from the Talent Collection before the Update.

Learn more about the Hero here.

New Year

New Year comes to Praya! The lairs of Fire Drake and Kitton are covered with snow and gifts and some funny snowmen have appeared around the forest :) The Castles were decorated with the famous attribute of winter holidays — festive Christmas trees!


Every 8 hours you may find a gift under the Christmas Tree — 20 (and if your Golden Age is active even 40) Prime Crystals!

Please note!

  • If you want your Christmas Tree to start giving you the crystals you must find it in the building inventory (click on ‘Construction’ tab, then ‘Production’) and build it.

Holiday Skins

Today you can already see the Heroes in festive costumes in your Castles. Some of them you know but others you will encounter for the first time! Celebrate the holiday with your favourite Heroes!

Witch / Moira
19 gold


19 gold





19 gold
Grandpa Pilot
Hero: Aviator
19 gold


Candy Cane
Hero: Amazon/Archer
19 gold
Hero: Woodsman/Witch Doctor
19 gold
Hero: Raven
19 gold
Hero: Fixie/Fairy Queen
19 gold
Hero: Мими
19 gold
Frost Magician
Hero: Mage/Sorcerer
19 gold
Merry Scout
Hero: Marksman/Hunter
19 gold
Hero: Healer/Priestess
19 gold
19 gold


All holiday skins will be available till 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) January 11



Small fixes for the notorious forest warrioress.

Destructive Whisper

  • Now the firefly summoned by the Destructive Whisper talent deals damage based on 3% of the enemy’s maximum Health (instead of 5%).

Champion Rune

Now the talents received by Hero are upgraded to 7 Stars (instead of 4 Stars). Become more powerful in the New Year!

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team