A Special Quest

20 November 2020

My Lord!

Not so long ago, an advanced detachment was sent to clean up the raging Creeps, and they discovered ruins of an ancient temple... And those who had been locked in it for a very long time. Apostate is ready to enter your service… In exchange for some favors.

A Special Quest

Until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) December 7 complete all tasks of the quest and get the new skin for Stalker — Apostate — as a reward!




  Get 1,500,000 Prime in the Borderlands Apostate skin
  Get 7,500 achievement points in the Borderlands 50 Prime Crystals
  Support 250 times in the Borderlands  
  Kill 250 enemies in the Borderlands  


  • This quest is only available for the players who have already hired Stalker.
  • This is a single quest, not a quest chain. To get the rewards, you must complete all tasks.
  • However, in one battle, you can do several things at once: collect 20,000 Prime, get 100 achievement points, kill 7 Heroes. All of the above will get into the quest progress.
  • There is no limit on a specific goal value in the battle. It means that in a battle you can provide an unlimited number of supports and they will all be counted towards the progress of the quest, etc.
  • Besides, if you are in the process of completing a quest and decide to switch to another game client, the quest progress will be reset to zero.

To the fight!

Always yours,
Prime World Team