Update 11.19.1

18 November 2020


The maintenance is over and once again the Heroes are ready to fight!

Please note that the 11.19.1 Update is mostly dedicated to the Hero rebalances. Also, every Lord and Lady may get 20 White Runes if they visit the Castle until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) November 23. For your convenience we made a quest out of it where you can exchange the runes for 1 Silver coin.

Let us remind you that the rines do not sum up and if you already have a rune — either White one or Gold one — you should use it first. Otherwise it will be replaced by the White Runes.

Please, do not forget to take the valuable runes!

Legendary Talents for Level 1 Heroes!

Dear friends! We could not go past your requests of allowing the Heroes of any level to have a Legendary talent. We finally make it happen with this update.

New Skins

The otherworld disturbance had just calmed down, and the guests left, as the scouts reported on new visitors. Not so long ago, an advanced detachment was sent to clean up the raging Creeps, and they discovered ruins of an ancient temple... And those who had been locked in it for a very long time.




Hero: Plague Doctor
Features: new effects
Cost: 49 gold



Cursed Countess

Hero: Banshee
Стоимость: 49 gold
Features: new effects



Hero: Stalker
Features: new effects
Cost: You can get this skin as a reward for completing a special quest. It will be available starting November 20 to players who already have the original Hero.


The fire used by Warlock on the battlefield now has a deep crimson color.


Let's start with small changes to the talent balance available to all Heroes.

Legendary Barrier

  • Talent cooldown increased to 150 seconds (instead of 100 seconds).

Alchemist Audacity

  • Damage increase from using the Ritual Dagger has been reduced to 25% (instead of 50%).

Cry of Doom and Venomous Grasp

  • Cooldown reduced to 120 sec (instead of 150 sec).
  • Talents now increase Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) by 5 + 0.5 per Star (instead of 2.6 + 0.4).

Curse of Terror

  • Now the talent increases Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) by 5 (instead of 7).



An excellent Hero who lacks survivability and attack speed a little got a well-deserved boost.

  • Initial Agility value increased to 55.
  • Agility gain increased by ~ 34%.
  • Health gain increased by ~ 12%.


Archer / Amazon

Sometimes, the brave and mobile Heroine just could not survive long enough, past the enemy's attack.

Active defense

  • The amount of damage absorbed increased to 70-554 (instead of 64-509).


Frog Whisperer / Swamp King

This Health Build of this Hero has not been popular lately. Time to remind you about it!


  • Now the damage from the first jump is 70-701 (instead of 59-592).



Perhaps the creepiest (if we talk about appearance!) Hero of Praya could not always use the full potential of one of his ultis well.

Monstrous Hunger

  • Talent cooldown reduced to 90 seconds (instead of 120).



The Supernova ulti has been weakened.


Surplus Energy

  • Now, when colliding with an enemy Hero, deals twice less damage to enemies around them (instead of full damage to everyone nearby as it did before).


Vampire / Dahaka

The casting time of the dangerous Night Hero's talents has been reduced. Are you ready to face him on the battlefield?


Bloody Slash

  • The casting time of the skill has been halved to 0.2 sec (instead of 0.4).

Buried Alive

  • The casting time reduced to 0.6 sec (instead of 1 sec)



Shrivel applied by the Heroine was unnecessarily strong when combined with other skills in some game moments.


Slumberous Whisper

  • The casting time of the talent is now 2 seconds (instead of 3 seconds).
  • Damage when interrupting is now 80-633 (down from 90-712).

Deadly Fade

  • The duration of the talent is now 2.5 seconds (instead of 3 seconds)



Minor edits for the out-of-time Heroine :)



  • Now the Heroine accelerates time for herself by 40% (instead of 50%).


For All Time

  • Defense stat increase is now 4-53 (instead of 4-58).


Maiden / Nymph

An excellent Heroine often gave way to more active Heroes in the forest or on the boat. It is time to remind about herself :)

  • Strength gain reduced by ~ 65%
  • Intellect Gain increased by ~ 15%
  • Cunning gain increased by ~ 75% 
  • Agility gain increased by ~ 40%


  • The Heroine's attack is now magical and increases from Intellect (instead of physical from Strength).



Both Strength and Intellect Builds of the Hero have been updated.



  • Now increases the Hero's Attack by 1.5% for every five missing parts (instead of 1%).
  • Now, the parts are accumulated at three pieces per second rate (instead of two per second).


  • The cost of using the skill is now 20 parts (instead of 25).

Clockwork Bomb

  • The cost of using the skill in parts is now 30 parts (instead of 35).


Mage / Sorcerer

The secrets of witchcraft, to which the Hero devoted his life (of course, before he entered the service!), were revealed to him from a new angle.


Fire Flail

  • Now, the base casting time of the talent is 0.6 seconds (instead of 0.9 seconds).


  • Now, the base casting time of the talent is 1 sec (instead of 1.4 sec).

Energy Barrier

  • Now, the base casting time of the talent is 0.6 seconds (instead of 0.75).

Summon a Demon

  • Talent cooldown reduced to 90 seconds (instead of 120).
  • The Demon's appearance will now always damage enemies around it.
  • Using the ulti on Native Terrain now additionally stuns enemies near the Demon for 0.5 seconds



Even though nature is gradually going into a sweet winter slumber, the Dryad is only becoming more dangerous :)



  • Now, the increase in close-ranged damage to a target infested with spores is increased by 4-31 per effect (instead of 3-13).
  • Health Recovery increased to 13-102 (up from 11-88)

Emanative Flame

  • Now, Firefly summoned by Dryad infects enemies with spores every 1 sec (instead of 2 sec).

Destructive Whisper

  • Firefly now deals damage to all enemies in the area of effect every 1 sec (instead of 2 sec).
  • Damage increased to 5% of maximum Health (instead of 2%) .


Fay / Fairy Queen

The little helpers of the light and airy Heroine have become more dangerous.


Fairy Warriors

  • Skill damage increased to 15-118 (instead of 12-97)

Warrior's Fairy Dust

  • Now, the increase in penetrating characteristic depends on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater (instead of just Intellect).

Fairies' Rage

  • Damage dealt by fairies' explosion increased to 59-466 (instead of 53-422).



To make it a little easier for the Artiste at all stages of a battle, we have made some changes to her main talents.



  • Now, the sequence of scrolls received is the following: Divine Scroll-Starfall Scroll-Birds Scroll-Light Scroll-Twin Scroll.
  • The required amount of paints to obtain a scroll is reduced to 10 (instead of 15) .


  • Now, the Agility increase per paint effect is 1.2-16 (instead of 0.8-9.7).
  • Paint effect time reduced to 5 seconds (instead of 6 seconds).

Trampler Beast

  • The casting time of the talent reduced to 0.8 seconds (instead of 1.2 seconds).


Duelist / Prince of Thieves

The Hero, who relies on luck, has recently been on a roll.



  • Block chance is now 25% (instead of 40%).
  • Blocked damage can no longer exceed 30% (instead of 40%.
  • Passive skill no longer restores Health.


  • Agility increase is now calculated from the Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater (instead of just Intellect).
  • Agility increase is now 5-67 (up from 4-58).
  • Health Regeneration is now calculated from Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater (instead of just Intellect).
  • Using the talent from Native Terrain now increases Health recovery by 1.5 times (instead of 2) .

Bold Rush

  • Now Hero's Speed is increased by 40% (instead of 60%).

Confident Step

  • Now increases Will by 3-39 (instead of 4-58) .



There are some enhancements to the Strength Build of Wanderer..


Decisive Attack

  • Now deals 40-316 damage (up from 37-290).
  • Cooldown is now 16 seconds (instead of 19 seconds).

Punishing Blow

  • Now deals 25-197 physical damage based on Strength (instead of magic damage based on Intellect).
  • And an additional 8-42 physical damage based on Strength for each Heroic effect.


  • Now, the total damage returned to the talent target is calculated on Strength (instead of Intellect).



The Hero with many faces often revealed his true potential too easily.

  • Hero's attack range reduced by 15%.
  • Hero's speed reduced to 50 (instead of 52)

Mind Games

  • The cost of the skill in Energy increased to 150 (instead of 120).
  • The Double's lifetime reduced to 4 seconds (instead of 5 seconds).


  • Damage per Scorch effect increased to 5-39 (up from 4-31).

Unbearable Heat

  • Decrease in defensive characteristics per effect increased to 0.6-8 (instead of 0.5-7).


Jaeger / Wolf Dancer

In quarantine, the Hero, like his pets, wasted no time. Intensive training has paid off!

  • Hero's base Health increased to 800.
  • Health Gain increased by ~ 10%.

Wolf Call

  • Now, Dire Wolves have 30% more stats than their non-Dire brethren..

Wolf Brothers

  • Now, the cost of the skill increases by 75 Energy (instead of 150).

Power of the Pack

  • Now increases allies' Strength or Mind, whichever is greater.

Great Hunt

  • Now the main talent increases the Speed of the Hero and his allied Heroes.
  • Skill upgrade now increases the Jaeger's Agility.


  • Skill animation is accelerated by ~ 30%.
  • Now, the skill prohibits the use of talents by captured Heroes.
  • The binding time is reduced to 4 seconds (instead of 5 seconds).


  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of the flag of the Season of Sorcery.

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team