A Wandering Mage’s Offer

09 November 2020

Lords and Ladies!

This morning, your butler said that there is an unusually large number of visitors in the town, namely in the Meadovar tavern. They say a wandering mage came, showed some magic, and told amazing things about Prime and magic.

A few days later, a wandering mage came to your Castle and offered a deal. Since he does not have a permanent source of Prime Crystals that are required to create new spells or artifacts, he would like to get them from you. In exchange, he offers some unique relics, of course!

A Wandering Mage’s Offer

Take his offer until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) November 16. Also, let us remind you that all talents at the Fair are upgraded to 6 and 7 Stars now!

  On the Fair shelves you can encounter a legendary talent set — Horseshoe of Speed!

Hurry up to buy rare artifacts while the wandering mage is still here!

Always yours,
Prime World Team