Upgraded Talents at the Fair!

02 November 2020

Lords and Ladies!

A very attentive and impressionable blacksmith heard from Belladonna about rare materials for creating artifacts located in the depths of the Prime Zone. Nobody knows how, but the blacksmith had got the necessary materials and began to experiment. A few days later, he made a breakthrough discovery, which allows creating more powerful artifacts and equipment for a slight increase in consumed resources.

This discovery has become a new step in Praya's craft! Therefore, the Board of Trade could not ignore this: they bought all the rights to the latest artisans' products and filled their counters with the most valuable goods at attractive prices!

Upgraded Talents at the Fair!

Dear Friends!

After receiving a lot of positive feedback on our event with talents upgraded to 7 and 8 Stars at the Fair, we decided to increase the number of Stars for specific talents on the Fair shelves on an ongoing basis


Welcome the Fair upgrade!

All talents at the Fair will be upgraded to 6 or 7 Stars!

The talent price has been changed to correlate with the number of Stars and now is:

  • 50-75 Prime Crystals for the talents of the “old” sets.
  • 90-120 Prime Crystals for the talents of the last three sets.

Come and check out the changes at the Fair right now!

Always yours ,
Prime World Team