Double Event

31 October 2020

Lords and Ladies!

This morning, Ice Lord was practicing making ice sculptures as usual. He aimed to create a statue that would never melt, even under the scorching sun! After all, sunlight must complement the statue playing on the many ice surfaces...

However, today the Hero felt that someone was watching him. At the right moment, Ice Lord grabbed the suspicious person and took them to the Lord's estate. Turned out, he was a wandering chronicler fascinated by the beauty of the sculptures. The delighted chronicler even offered his services at discounted prices!

Talent Unbinding Discounts

Hurry up to unbind legendary talents at a special price until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) November 2.

  Upgrade Level Old Price New Price
  1-5 stars 5 3
  6 stars 7 4
  7 stars 10 5
  8 stars 15 7
  9 stars 20 10
  10 stars 25 13

Discounts on Changing the Game Name and Faction

Go down in Praya’s history under a new name! The chronicler offers a 50% discount on his services!

  • Name Change — 145 Gold instead of 295.
  • Faction Change — 49 Gold instead of 99.
  • Clan Name Change — 249 Gold instead of 499.


  • The discounts are offered only in the Castle. Name change price on the website will remain the same. 

Hurry up because the wandering chronicler will soon leave your estate! 

Always yours,
Prime World Team